What a week…rain, lightning, tornadoes, flooding, GORUCK week, Machado getting called up…that’s right…YHC is a huge O’s fan and was ready to deliver, especially after falling asleep Thursday night listening to the O’s radio broadcast and awakened by the sound of a walk off homer in the bottom of the 10th…thank you Matt Wieters…O’s in a share of 1st place in the AL East…YHC fueled with excitement for the downpainment he planneth to deliver…1245am…what the???  Flood Zone start time cometh quickly…bottle up that excitement and don’t miss your alarm…

445am – Showtime – YHC, rested and ready…let’s do this


Extra Credit (515-530am) 5 PAX including one crazy Rucker posted early for a 15 min warm-up

  • Brief jog to get out of the way of the cleaning truck
  • Circle up for SSH x20, Mary Catherines x20 and finally 6 minutes of Burpee Burners

Burpee Burners (5 Burpee types, 6 reps each for 6 minutes) – we got through all of them twice

  1. Standard Burpee x6
  2. Uppercut, Powerstrike Burpee x6
  3. Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x6
  4. Jump Knee Tuck Burpees x6
  5. Donkey Kicks x6

With a few minutes left, quick jog over to the PAX gathering area

  • Fly Merkins (4 count merkin, 4 to the right, 4 to the left) two times through
  • Recover

Regular (530-615am) – YHC saw a good crowd had gathered and after a brief review of the disclaimer, we were off for a quick jog and warmups

  • Circle up, In Cadence – SSH x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Lunge Squats x20 (a couple others arrived), Jog in Place for 20 seconds, Butt Kickers for 20 seconds, High Knees for 20 seconds
  • Level 1 drills (aka Up/Downs football exercise with fast feet and then down to plank and back up) x 10 (another PAX arrives)…do it again…for 8 up/downs.  Two 10 counts and recover on the jog across the bridge to the greenway trail behind the mall.
  • Stop and form two lines of 12 men, YHC up front.  Jog to rock pile w/sprint intervals mixed in at YHC’s discretion (PAX did well keeping up). We stopped at one point for stretching w/ Good AM’s
  • About 200 yards before the rock pile, we did Lunge Walk for 50 yards and then AYG to the rock pile.  Grab a rock.

Playing with Rocks (2 x through the reps below)

  • Curls x10 – hang w/rock to stretch
  • Shoulder Press x10 – hang w/ rock to stretch (after this one, YHC changed rocks due to slippage with his gloves – YHC has 1 rule w/rocks – “don’t smash your face – or head” – the PAX gave me some grief but after scanning some of their rock choices, I wasn’t bothered except by the size of Bob Villa’s rock – no wonder he’s in construction – TClaps for pushing yourself)
  • Tricep Extension x10 – hang w/rock to stretch

Drop the rocks, Form two lines again, brief jog for 50 yards.  Lunge walk for 50 yards and then sprint around the bend to the last light on the wall.  Brief jog – stop for Windmills x 20, more jogging, and sprints, turn right across bridge back toward the mall and over to the infamous Flood Zone ramp (I still have memories of this ramp being covered in ice/snow and yellow taped off a few months ago but Cinderella didn’t care as he introduced the PAX to the Abominable Snowman.  This ramp must have a name by now as it’s easily 100 yards long with a 5% grade or more).

Ramp Work (PAX remained in 2 groups)

  • Group 1 – Bear Crawl halfway up ramp and then Gorilla the other half (Plank at the top)
  • Group 2 – Squat hold until Group 1 is at the halfway point and then follow them up the ramp w/the same exercises

Brief jog w/PAX and partner up for the LBC Challenge (200 LBC’s w/your partner as follows)

  • Partner 1 starts LBC’s while Partner 2 sprints 50 yards and back
  • Partner 2 takes over LBC count while Partner 1 sprints
  • Keep going until you’ve reached 200 LBC’s

Circle Up for 6 minutes of Mary’s cousin. YHC set his watch for 6 minutes.  Instructed PAX that we would rotate through 3 exercises at 30 second intervals each until the watch stopped.

  • Jump Knee Tuck Burpees
  • Reverse LBC’s / WWII Situps (2nd time) / Windshield Wipers (3rd time)
  • High Knees

COT / Announcements / Prayers

  • 2nd F Event – @CraftyBeerShop – 2003 Fairview Road, Five Points, Thursday May 8th (530pm until…) @lillyspizza will be Served
  • GORUCK this weekend – pray for them…
  • Hopebuilder – Dufresne – keep him in your prayers, Hospice is now assisting the family.  Tony Robbins is the Q for visits to this family.  Consider visiting soon.
  • Several prayers for sicknesses, etc. My apologies for not capturing all of this information

Moleskin:  Journey’s “Ask the Lonely” reminded me of the fact that Loneliness is one of the biggest problems we face as humans.  It’s easy to feel alone or get to a point where you feel very alone in this world.  The power of F3 is that we know this.  The first F is a great way to open a door and to get a YHC out.  The 2nd F is where men experience the power of fellowship in ways they’ve never known perhaps since their high school or college days.  It keeps them coming.  The 3rd F is what strengthens our soul.  Without it, all the exercise, etc. means nothing.  Jesus said in Luke 13, that unless you repent, you too will perish.  That can be very uncomfortable if you feel alone…but Jesus told his followers, I will not leave you alone…I will not leave you as orphans.  We have a friend in Jesus and he is with us.  God told Joshua that he would be with him as he took on the mantle of leadership for the Israelites when Moses passed away.  We should take comfort in the fact that we are not alone.  Reach out to your friend, your neighbor, invite them to join us.  You never know… it could change their life…and yours.

Ball of Man – Burro closed us out in prayer