25 PAX met in the gloom for The Sisyphus 5k at Flood Zone.  Undaunted by the dark, the rocks, or the brisk pace, the PAX stuck together, sprinted up Sisyphus Hill WITH ROCKS, and got their Friday off to a running start.

Extra-credit (5:15am):

Up the stairs: Sir Fazio Arm Circles – 20 Mountain-climbers – 20 Merkins – 5 pull-ups

Run around the corner to Belks: Balls-to-the-Wall – move in cadence to the left, then back right

Run to end of parking deck by McCormick & Schmidts: 20 Dips – 10 Incline Merkins – 20 Dips

Descend stairwell, arrive at incline to parking deck: Bear-crawl/run backwards to top of incline

Run to corner stairwell, descend to meet the PAX at 5:30am

Sisyphus 5-K  (5:30am): Count-off

Run on Crabtree greenway to rock-pile and select rock:  15x curls; 15x shoulders; 15x tris

Run with rocks to overpass:  10 Rockees (burpees with a rock) OYO; leave rocks and continue run

Cross bridge and arrive at marker for North Hills park:  Plank it out until all PAX arrive

Select rock run up Sisyphus Hill WITH ROCKS:

At top: 20 Diamond Merkins – 20 LBCs – 20 Inch-Worms

Descend Sisyphus Hill, return rocks, plank at bottom until all PAX arrive

Return run along greenway until arrive at rocks; “L/A Jack Webbs”with rocks (sets of 7)

Run with rocks to rock pile, return rocks, return to parking lot in Crabtree

MARY until all PAX finish run: 25 American Hammers – 20 WWII sit-ups