AMTRAK: Slow and over budget, but I’ll get it there…and post a back blast…eventually.

A PAX of 4! (1 FNG) braved the morning chill on Saturday 10/18.
Warm up:
– SSH x20
– Good morning x 10
– Arm Circles x 10 both directions
– Emperial Walkers x10
– Peter Parker x 10
– Birddog x5 each side

(Unofficial) 50 yard dash:
– Bearcrawl and buttkicks to return
– Crabwalk and backpedal to return
– Sprints

Stations for 1 min in duration each:
– Step Ups
– Merkins
– Squats
– T- Push up
– Low-plank to high-plank transition
Repeat Stations a second time

Switch to Kanye as QIC
Mosey to the wall
– Dips
– Irkins
– Left Right Step-ups
– Repeat x2

Court Work
– Suicide
– Bear crawl down, back peddle back
– Long jump down, sprint back
– Karaoke down and back
– Duck walk down, back peddle back
– Sprint down, reverse duck walk back
– The pax stay by the fence while one guy runs the perimeter
– Squats
– Dry Docks
– Plank Jacks

Service Court
– Rail slides
– Walking balls to the wall
– Repeato
Parking lot
– Marathon Suicides

Inducted FNG Sharpie to F3. Sharpie shares a resemblance with Candlestick….may be related.