YHC enjoyed some great 2nd F with some of the F3JOCO guys on Friday night Joker night. Unfortunately YHC feel just short of the prize with Yogi taking home the pot. Great to see PNG in the first time it seem like 4 months. Also big thanks for letting the crew come down to Bloodsport’s farm for the great time. With the headlock on Bloodsport for the next day at Mad Mule YHC was ready to bring back “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”. YHC also decided to go Wienke free today. I always feel comfort in having the list with the 60 min workout but decided to go free today.

EC run: Dirty Pipes and YHC got to meet for some BRR training mileage at 6 AM.


Warm up: SSH, Cotton Pickers, Fazzio’s Arm circles, High knees, butt kickers 15x in cadence.

Indian Run around the park path back to rectangle parking lot for some 4 corners.

Round 1: Walking lunge to 1st, L slide to 2nd, backward lunge to 3rd, R slide to 4th.

Round 2: Walking lunge with trunk twist, slide to L, Backward lunge with twist, slide to R.

Round 3: Mosey to 1st, Side lunge to L, Mosey to 3rd, Side lunge to R.

Mosey to Football field

SHOW ME THE MONEY! (Think combination of Tom Cruise quote with him jumping on Oprah’s Couch)

10 reps on the Q’s up or down without rest for each and sprint 100 yards

Tuck Jumps, Merkins, Jumping Lunges (rinse and repeat 4 rounds with Plank a rama or Al Gore for the six each round).

Mosey back to Parking lot for some Tire fun

Team Tire flip: for each flip of the large tire mosey down to other end of parking lot and perform 5 burpees.

Repeat with smaller tire with 5 SSH at end of parking lot before each flip.

4 rounds PAX pull up and Beam work: 5 pull ups and mosey to post for 4 PAX left and right shoulder lifts 10 each.

Mary: WWI, Heels to heaven, WW2, X men, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury, Mountain Climbers all in cadence 15-20x.

Total distance of 2.1 miles

BOM/COT: Stove pipe, VBS at churches, Chemo treatments for friends and family.

Announcements: BRR, Sasquach, Yogi and Bio D each need Q’s please step up if you can!

See you in the gloom!