Glad to be back in the gloom with the PAX and lay another beatdown for the PAX.  The 2.0’s have been posting and pushing the elders and talking smack! YHC and DP were able to meet up for some EC now that YHC calf is finally responding to the time off and rehab.  EC distance of 3.9 miles and YHC ran back home to get the 2.0.

The Thang: Cotton pickers, butt kickers, SSH x20 IC

Walking knee hugs, walking straight leg kicks 1 length and back.

Indian Run around path to the basketball court

50 Merkin Line Drill (each trip back to start increasing Merkins) 5,10,15,20

Plank for the six

50 Squat Line Drill (repeat pattern 5,10,15,20)

Al Gore for the six

50 LBC Line Drill (line drill and then all 50 OYO)

6 inches for the six

Inchworm Merkin (Merkin each time you stretch out) length of court

Plank for the six

Indian Run back to Parking lot

Lateral slide partner Merkins (Meet partner in middle of lot for 10 Merkins and go back to start. Al Gore for the six. 4 rounds!

Mosey to Baseball field for Animal 4 corners: Bear crawl to 1st, 10 squats, Crab walk to 2nd, 10 squats, Frog jump to 3rd, 10 squats, Reverse Bear Crawl, 10 squats.   Al Gore for the six

2.0 vs Elderly legs race around the baseball feild, loser does exercise of choice of winning team. 2.0’s won and had the elderly do 10 reverse superman on their up.

Mosey to Shelter for 11’s Dips and Pull ups with all PAX finishing where they are with 5 min to go.

5 min of Mary: American Hammer, WWI, Freddy Mercury, WWII.

Great work by the PAX and a total of almost 2 miles during the beatdown!

Prayer request: Stovepipe, Chloe (1st grader with cancer), WCA family lost mother (3 kids), Prayers for illness, Accountability in the PAX.

Announcements: Sasquach, BRR, Training runs, Fundraiser