YHC is prepping for a mountain trip with some previous PAX from ENC, family, and wifes for an epic BRR training session. 5 runs from Friday night to Sunday AM for hopefully 30 miles. After the crushing beatdown of 1776 yesterday YHC wanted to find some new muscle groups, stay loose, and get some sweat on. Pandora set to AC/DC Jerk and PNG drove in and we were ready to go. Jerk was hoping the tire and log were just for looks.

Dynamic Warm up: Cotton pickers, Butt kickers, Fazzio Arm Circles

Scout Run lap around parking lot

1 MIN AMRAP with parking lot line
quick alternating feet over line, skaters, side to side hops, front/back hops

10 count recovery

Indian Run lap around parking lot

1 MIN GET A CLUE AMRAPs : Core, Lower, Upper, Exercise (Cardio)
1. LBCs, Side lunge (both legs), Overhead press with log, Mountain climbers

PAX Mosey around parking lot

2. Box cutters, mule kicks, Metal pipe slams on Tire, Line drill  (8 ft left to right)

PAX Mosey around parking lot

3. WW1, Single leg straight leg deadlifts with log , plank with side arm reaches, Burpees

Quick down and back run across parking lot

4.Freddy Mercury, Tire flips, Chill cut to plank, SSH(side straddle hop)

Total of 1.5 miles with the beatdown today.  As we got ready for prayer “Pour some sugar on me” came on.  YHC decided it probably wasn’t appropriate background music.

BOM/COT: Stove Pipe, Chelsea seeking additional medical advice, Families and travel, Praise for PNG’s brother.  Prayers for brothers fighting addiction.

Announcements: Dirty Pipes and possibly Off grid with the Q for Mad Mule (Convergence for all F3JOCO no South Park tomorrow), Sasquach, BRR, Upcoming Q openings (start volunteering men), Some chatter about need for possible cook out, golf outing, etc for the PAX, families, etc.

See you in the gloom men!