With the VSF firmly planted, Bob Villa rolled up on YHC in the gloom to deliver some cones and impart some True Grit Q knowledge, but wearing WHAT?? A collared shirt? Either BV was now taking his gloom fashion cues from Moneyhose, or he had a quickly approaching work deadline. Unfortunately it was the latter. As the exhaust fumes from his car cleared, the PAX took shape.

The Thang, with great emphasis on slow cadence counts and unified motion on the numbers:
Jog to the field and circle up.
SSH x 20
Good Morning x 10
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 5 and reverse x 5
Carolina Dry Docks x10
Mountain Climbers x10
10 burpees on your own

Jog back to the parking lot so we can catch a little light. Also, it is a relatively flat, straight surface.
We begin at one end of the parking lot in a circle. We complete a cadence exercise, then line up and move as a group across the length of the parking lot, immediately circle up and complete another cadence exercise. Back and forth as follows:

Single Leg Alternating Squats x20
Bear Crawl the length of the parking lot
Partner Decline Merkins x10, flapjack
Crab Walk half way, reverse crab walk the rest of the lot
Shooting star x12 (star jump with a kick out into plank and back, on a 4 count cadence)
Scorpion walk half the parking lot, jog the rest
CrossFit Merkin x 5
Broad Jump the length of the parking lot

Jog back to the field…for MORE of the above!
Prisoner Squat x20
Bear Crawl back to the path (approx 30 yards)
Wide-Grip Merkins x10
Crab Walk half way, reverse crab walk the rest of the way (till Q says halt)
Ski-abs x15
Bear Crawl back to the path (no Scorpions this time, thankfully)
Crab dip x10, flap jack. (Partner 1 in Crab Walk position, Partner 2 places hands on knees of P1 and performs dips)
Broad Jump the field.

Indian Run on the path out for 2 full cycles and back 2 cycles to the field. Circle up for Mary:
Freddie Mercuries x20
Windshield x15
LBC x20
Russian Hammer x15


Please RSVP for the Christmas Party 12/19 7-9pm at Tyler’s Taproom in Raleigh. If you did not get an email invite, email/tweet/call/comment on this backblast and we will get it to you. It will be a great night. Food and wine for the M’s will be covered, beer etc. is on you. buy a round for your friends. bring cash and checks to contribute to our collection for F3Foundation. Pre-blast forthcoming.

An actual shooting star was seen during COT on the morning I introduced the Shooting Star exercise. That was pretty cool. Also, feedback on the two new exercises would be appreciated. Crab dip???

t-claps to BV for showing up and delivering cones I asked for and then didn’t use. dedication from the site Q. I decided using landmarks for distance better fit the spirit of True Grit.

t-claps to the PAX on their commitment to staying in unison on the slower count. It is difficult to do a familiar exercise at a slower cadence. Also, you can go work out at your own speed by yourself. If you are choosing to be at F3, choose to follow the cadence with your brothers, you’ll get more out of it, I promise.

lots of good discussion around the strength of the circle we create at COT. YHC believes each man in that circle is stronger than he knows, but has weaknesses we all may not realize. Our trust in each other is what allows us to show our weaknesses, benefit from the strengths of the man to your left and offer your ability to the man to your right. YHC asks that we all take a minute today to think about what you want our COT to feel like, sound like, and achieve in 2014.

rumor of a possible Rainman sighting tomorrow. Praise for that.

Prayers for MGnobby as her due date approaches.