Paisley stopped by Pullen in the gloom and brought plenty of pain today but forgot to bring his workout clothes.  Instead, he lead the PAX wearing his trademark cowboy hat, purple shirt, skinny jeans and boots. Paisley completed his maiden Q with perfection and even sang us a few songs including the Billy Ray Cyrus cover, Achy Breaky Heart!


Jog parking lot area
Side Shuffle Hop x20
Windmill x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Merkins x20
Jog to side of lake:
1. Fast feet x25
2. Stairs x25
3. Fast feet x25
Jog to carousel:
1. Jump Ups x15
2. Stairs
3. Jump Ups x10
4. Stairs
5. Jump Ups x5
6. Stairs
7. Plank until everyone finished
Jog to Gazebo
The Dip 15x / 10x
Derkin 15x / 10x
Incline Merkin 15x / 10x
Jog to Hill
Run up hill / 5 merkins
Run down hill / 5 burpees
Bear crawl up hill / 5 merkins
Run down hill / 5 burpees
Run up hill backwards / 5 merkins
Run down hill / 5 burpees
Jog to Rocks
Curl x 10
Overhead Press x 10
American Hammer x 10

Run around Pullen Pond
WWII Sit-ups 20x
Freddy Mercury 20x
LBC’s 20x
6 inch leg hold 10 count by PAX


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