The Churham Saturday workout is really taking off. Despite the threat of freezing rain (WTF? never happened) and losing 3 PAX to mandatory doctor stuff, we still managed a strong 12 PAX showing. Today’s workout was split 50/50 between two Q’s, Shooter and Floyd. The plan was for Shooter to do a cardio section and Floyd would bring high rep pain. It really did fit into their personal strengths and personalities.

SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
LBAC x ??? front and back
Mountain climbers x 20
Merkins x 15

Shooter’s brand of cardio pain:
Suicides. Run 25 yards and back, then 35 yards and back, then 50 yards and back. Do 15 merkins and then SSH until everyone is finished. This seems pretty straight forward. There were only a couple of obstacles:
1. We had to do this FIVE (corrected) times…brutal
2. Rodeo’s dog, Emma, kept eating the orange cones.

Ark loader: Bear crawl x 25 yards, gorilla walk x 10 yards, crab walk x 15 yards. Sprint back 50 yards and do 5 burpees.

4 corners. Run short side of soccer field. Do 15 WWII sit-ups. Run long side of field to corner. Do 15 carolina dry docks. Run other short side. Do 15 air-squats. Run to original corner.

Floyd’s F3-9000:
Yes, F3-9000 is back in full force. There was only 2 things which could’ve derailed this workout:
1. If more than 21 PAX showed up, I was hosed because I only had 9 cinder blocks.
2. If Rodeo’s dog ran off with my cones with the instructions taped to them. (This was not foreseeable but did occur.)

Back to the workout. 7 cones in a circle, 3 sets of exercises each cone. 12 PAX were divided into 4 groups of three. They made 3 trips around the circle completing the stated exercise without complaint (again this part wasn’t followed). So where did I manage to get the 9000 number? Easy. Take the height of each PAX plus their weight divided by their age. Multiple by pi, account for Coriolis effect and add outside temperature. Take that number and multiply it by zero. Then take number of cones (7) multiplied by number of times around the circle (3) = 21. 21 times the number of reps performed (428.6). Then assign a value to the other portions of the workout (like running with blocks). That value = -0.6. Add that to the previous number which obviously equals 9000. Don’t believe me? Here it is:

[12(Ht + Wt)/age x 3.14(Coriolis x 28) x 0] + [(7 x 3) x 428.6 + (-0.6)] = 9000

Anyway here is the list of exercises by cone:
Cone 1:
1. 25 Merkins
2. 25 Carolina Dry Docks
3. 25 Hands off Merkins

Cone 2 (with 25 pound blocks):
1. 30 Bicep curls
2. 30 Tricep curls
3. 30 overhead presses

Cone 3:
1. 26 Star Jumps
2. 26 jump lunges
3. 26 knee-chest jumps

Cone 4 (with 25 pound blocks):
1. 25 Kettle bell swings
2. 25 bicep curls to overhead press
3. Hold block 12 inches from chest

Cone 5:
1. 15 Burpees
2. 15 Burpees
3. 15.6 Burpees (Up to you how to do 0.6 burpee)

Cone 6:
1. 30 WWII sit-ups
2. 30 Heels to Heaven
3. 30 Russian Hammers

Cone 7 (with 25 pound blocks):
1. Run to end of field with block and back

Mary: Like most of the F3-9000 workouts, we didn’t have time for Mary

COT: Rodeo

Nice showing today. Lots of good energy.
Rodeo’s dog is a cone-eating machine. The cones were were like dog crack to her.
Good to see Dream Catcher for his last F3 until maybe September.
Excellent showing by the FNGs today. Its always difficult to get started, but keep up the momentum.
Kotters Timbuctu.
Grats to Toto for losing 10lbs in a month. Floyd found it and would like to give it back.
We made the same announcements as before regarding:
The Ram on 3/22 in Chapel Hill
The Churham F3 welcome party on 5/10
Marine Mud Run. Contact Adolphus for more info.
Coffeeteria was at Panera’s. Good times with the 2nd F.