15 Pax, a changing of the guard in site Qs in the works:

Warm up: Jog up to the pull up bars (mix of regular, SSH-jog & Kareoke)

At the bars: 2 lines: exercises in Cadence: Burpees 20x, Squats 20x, Merkins 20x, Hindu Merkins 20x, Flamingo Squats 10x L, 10x R, Burpees again 20x. All the while…person at the back of the line bear crawls to the front and does 5 pull ups.

Jog to the field: Vila for Merry: Hammers 20x, Freddie Mercury 20x, Protractors

Jog to the rock pile: Pick a big rock: 15x Curls, 10x Military Press, 10x Tricep extensions, 10x Goblet Squats. Take the hill. Do the rock stuff again. Lunge-walk up the hill.

Prison-cell Merkin Burpee Pyramid. Start with 10x, 10 count rest, 8x, 8 count rest… etc. down to 2.

Then Merry (round 2): LBC 40x, Hammers 20x, Reverse LBC 20x, Protractors to a 10 count around the horn.

Moleskin: Prayer for Dufrense and Come to convergence at Pullen this Saturday.