Posted on behalf of Shooter…

8 PAX strong turned out for a gloomy morning at the OEC. Good time was had by all.

The Thang

Jog to Church Lot:

SSH x 15
Prisoner Squat x 15
Imperial Walker x 15
Arm Circles x 15
Merkins x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Indian Run to the OEC
The Beast: 6 x 6 x 6 between cones set about 20 yards apart:
Mountain Climbers
Peter Parkers
Air Squats
Jump Lunges
(Bear Crawl the last progression)
Inverted Rows on hand rails and dips on steps, each 10 x, three circuits
Merkin-Plank Circuits
10 Merkins / 20 count plank bows-toes
10 Wide Merkins / 20 count side planks L&R
10 Diamond Merkins / 10 plank walk-ups
10 Moving Merkins / 10 plank jacks
6 Minutes of Mary: Choose Your Own Adventure
LBC x 15
Flutters x 15
Straight Leg Lifts x 15
Side Crunches L&R x 15 x 2
In & Outs x 15
Rosalita x 15
Russian hammers x 15
Bastille launches this Friday (10/25). Check out the website for directions. Everyone be there. Going to be a great time, with Adolphus handling the Q amidst some fun obstacles.
Keep checking the website for updates on the Go Ruck. Will be a great time and a serious dose of all F’s.
Three UA’s, but very happy to have two FNG’s post. Strong additions and we’ll see them next week (along with the UA’s).