YHC arrived at 1600 ready to see Dufresne and continue making progress toward his goal of bearing weight on his legs by the end of February.  The Pax totaled two at the outset, but we didn’t scrimp on the reps.  Dufresne seemed to be fighting something off, perhaps early stages of a cold, so we adjusted on the fly.  YHC was feeling a little sluggish, too.  Maybe the deep fried Oreos were the culprit.      

Leg Lifts – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Leg Presses – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Leg Rolls – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Core Sit Ups (hereafter known as LBCs since Dufresne sits up from the chair does an abdominal crunch with a holding three count  and repeats. Much more taxing than the core sit ups) – sets of 10 x 10
Happy Jacks – (oblique side to side) sets of 10 x 5
Elbow/Bicep Squeezes – aka Chicken Wings – (alternating) 2 x 20
Checkin’ the Animal for Weapons–(alternating) 2 X 20
Pile Drivers (alternating) 2 x 20
The Fly Swatter (alternating) set of 10 (using hand weight, hand extended out like you’d swat flies, moving left and right)
The Hand Up & Down (alternating) set of 10 (no weights, hand stretched out with palm facing the floor, move hand up and down)
Milking the Cow (alternating) set of 10 (using pink foam cube for hand strength – working to get another foam cube).

Prayers for healing, strength, and determination for Dufresne.  Today was a day he didn’t feel his best, but there was the assurance there were men around Raleigh who had not met him yet who were praying for him – shoulder to shoulder in spirit.  Prayers for MSteroid who is recovering from surgery.

T-claps to Dufresne for pushing so hard, knowing he wasn’t feeling well today.  No mercy was shown to Animal – Checkin’ the Animal for Weapons was particularly thorough.

Pack Man (Dufresne’s seven year-old son Braxton) arrived home from school in time to help with the count during Chicken Wings. Intel says he’s going by Pack Man around the house these days.

Looking forward to Au Pair’s first post this Thursday and Grillz first Q this Friday.  Hopebuilder – almost as addictive as deep fried Oreos and you feel much better afterwards (YHC attests to this after dining at the NC State Fair last night).  Sign up and get hooked.