24 faithful PAX were happier than a camel on Wednesday when they learned that 15, 20 and 30 pound kettlebells (KBs) would be joining us for this installment of Urban Jungle.  No FNG’s today so we skipped the disclaimer and dove right in….

Jog to end of parking lot, circle up for:

Good mornings x 20, SSH x 25, Alternating lunge x 30, Side lunge right x 15, left x 15

After introducing KBs, form single file line for .8 mile Indian run/kettlebell pass down Currituck, right on Rowan to Six Forks.  KBs given to 3 at back of line; PAX with KBs sprint to front and pass KBs to back of line, one man at a time.  Man in back doesn’t sprint until receiving aforementioned KB.  YHC explained that KBs were intended to be passed, voluntarily taken and would not touch the ground for the remainder of the workout.  Any man in possession of KB would perform KB swings anytime we stopped or intro’d the next exercise.  After high plank hold (and KB swings), cross Six Forks (eventually), run to grassy area behind First Citizens and circle up for:

10+ minutes of tabata with ~15 second rest between exercises (on own cadence):
Star jumps, moguls (ski abs), burpies, lunge jumps, WWII sit ups, knee jumps, CDDs, alternating chilcutt to high plank, alternating stagger merkins, LBCs.  Men with KBs are swingin’.  Lucky ones avoid burpies and knee jumps.

No rest for the weary but we try anyway — run back to NH and circle up at fountain of youth for 30 dips.  Run past the gym rats at Fitness Connection and line up on wall behind Plow and Hearth for 1minute of people’s chair, one minute of balls to wall.  Run back to JCP parking lot for COT:

Announcements – Doubling down on Happy Hour, tomorrow night (and next Thursday, Halloween), 7:30.

Prayer Requests: Dufresne for continued strength as he battles a cold, Money Hose’s uncle, Steroid’s wife.

YHC recycled a verse from Galatians that Friar Tuck shared at Catalyst a few Saturday’s ago.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

It’s stuck with me for a couple of reasons, hence the KBs incorporated into today’s workout — we carry each other’s burdens every time we show up at F3.  Don’t believe me?  Try replicating what we do as a group when you work out alone sometime — it’s just not the same.  We carry each other’s burdens by encouraging, supporting and pushing one another through what can often be a difficult time.  Second, I’m inspired by what Orwell, Friar Tuck, Tony Robbins and others do several times a week with Dufresne.  These men define selflessness and humility and the “Hopebuilder” workout is exactly what the apostle Paul was referring to in his letter to the Galatians – love thy neighbor.