Tag Team Q With Geddy and My Boy Blue.  We welcomed two FNG’s, “Shake and Bake”, and “Code Red”……Coincidental namings?  I think not.  I think not.

The Thang

SSHx20, Good Morningsx20, Windmillsx15, Mercansx20

Indian Run to Parking Lot.  Mercansx20, Plank with alternating RH/LF raised then reverse, Mike Tysons x20, Quick Feet on Curb, Alt Lt/Rt Step ups at baseball field with 15 Irkans mixed in.  Prisoner squats x20.  Lungewalk mulch pile to curb, Bearcrawl back, High knees back.

Run to Beach.  Group 1 Sand Suicides while Group 2 Balls to Wall.  FlapJack.  Group1 Sand suicides, while Group 2 Peoples chair.

Run to Hill.  Partner carry uphill.  Both Partners 10 Mercans.  Partner carry downhill.  10 Mercans.  Flapjack.

Run to Baseball Field.  Group 1 Sprint Bases while Group 2 Peoples Chair.  Flapjack.

Run to Right field for Mary.  LBCx20.  Long Slow Flutter x20.  American Hammer x20.  6” Leg Lift.

COT/Announcements/Prayer Requests

Geddy closes with prayer.

Shake and Bake.