Passing on a t-ball game being held at North Hills, a PAX of 17 elected to enter the Majors and enjoy the warm muggy weather and hit the beach at the Crucible. With area pools opening this week, a beach body beatdown was in order.

Warm Up: Jog to far end of park, circle up:
Imperial Walker x20, Good morning x 15, Ski Abs x20, Merkins x15, SSH x20.


Jog to the sand volleyball pit for Sand Box Fun:

Sand Suicide, down back, down back. Plank then Merkins x10.
Backward Run down, Forward Run Back x 2, Plank then wide grip merkinx x10
Duff Bearcrawl special, 10 count bearcrawal then 3 merkins, down and back. Plank
Side shuffle down and back, Plank, mountain climbers x15
Karaoke down and back, Plank, Ski Abs x20.

Last exercise in the Sand, “The Mirror” Pax follows lead of YHC for high knees, buttkickers, up downs, side to side shuffles. Next Shaggy take a turn in the mirror for more of the same with some burpees added in, then Costco is called to the front for more burpees, up downs, quick feet, etc.

Out of the sandbox and mousy to the “yet to be named hill” for:
10 merkins bottom of hill, sprint up, back down 10 merkins, repeato
10 Starjumps bottom of hill, sprint up, Backward bearcrawal down 10 starjumps, repeato
Prisoner Squats x 25

Mousy back for a quick stop at the railing for high wire plank walk.

Mousy back to the sand box for:
Dirkins x15, back in the sand for chill cut and Nakdar Ngye x15
Toe Taps x 20
Irkins x 15
Jump ups x 20
One last sand suicide.

Mousy to wet, grassy soccer field for Mary:
LBC x30, 6 inch leg hold around circle 5 count, American Hammer x 30, slow flutter x 15.

Mousy to fence for 2 minute Balls to Wall Challenge.

Finsh, wet, grassy, sandy and sweaty.

Announcements: Komen 5k June 16th, sign up.
Prayers: Dufresne, be sure to read Tony Robbins Hopebuilder backblasts.


-Happy Birthday to Shaggy: the only man I know who has gotten in better shape every year over 40. 6 years ago when I met him he was a smoking sad clown.
city of oaks

-For a Monday the PAX was in good spirits and lot of mumble chatter to start. That quickly ended when YHC scolded a few of them for planking outside of the sandbox.

-Once again, Lots of Q adrenaline for YHC. The pace was fast and furious, no 10 counts. The phrase “don’t Q it if you can’t do it was motivating YHC the whole time.”

-Costco has thrown down the 6 pack challenge this week. Who will post 6 times this week?