There seem to be some misperceptions about Wolf Run. Let’s set some things straight. First, despite what our northern brethren from the mall seem to think, we don’t dress like Chuck Amato when he paced the sidelines of Carter-Finley and lost to the Heels. Second, we work out in the great outdoors. Unlike the Flood Zone pax we don’t hang out at Aeropostale, Hollister, or the ear piercing kiosk. Most weeks we see deer running through Centennial Campus. We haven’t caught one yet, but we are getting faster. Stay tuned. ┬áThird, after the workout we don’t head straight for Cinnabon.

Now, on to the workout. We ran. More than three miles. Uphill both ways. And did some exercises along the way. Including Jack Webbs from one up to seven, irkins, dirkins, alternating left/right step ups, dips and jump ups at the Bell Tower. Sunshine commented that Raleigh would be good training for the marathons he has run in the Bay Area. Last Friday’s finale up the eternal hill by the old Cardinal Gibbons High School convinced me.



Run the Komen Race for the Cure. 6/14/14 at 0700. The team is “F3 Raleigh.” ┬áSign up or donate to someone who is running. Let’s take it over.

Prayers for Dufresne and his family.

T-claps to Sunshine, a new Wolf Run regular and a speedy one at that.

Good to see Plebe back in the mix.