6 PAX……wait 8 with 2 late including FNG for a steamy morning at OCL.  Welcome FNG Sea Sick(this requires some explanation and a reference from the movie Malice with Alec Baldwin)

Warm Up Lap around Rashkis.  10 merkins, Big Arm Circles front and Back.  WM, WMH, 10 Pure Barre Merkins(Each down raise a leg and squeeze the glute.  Alternate legs) X20.

To the playground do some quick Derkins before the THANG.

On the playground each man does 30 hanging knee to elbow’s on the pull up bars.  60 merkins, and 90 squats.

90 SSH at the Bridge

Move back around Rashkis to the bridge and number off 1’s and 2’s.  1’s Sprint through the bridge and up the super steep hill leading into simerville then back for a switch.  Complete with 200 team Squats and a couple rounds of sprints per team.

Mosey toward the playground and stop for 30 Carolina Dry Docks.  To the field for 60 mtn climbers.

PIck a partner and line up on the field for some relays.  Partner run sprints to the fence and back while partner 2 does an excercise then switch.  excercises were Merkins, LBC’s, Bows to Toes.

10 pull ups on the way to Mary.

6 inch holds, Heels to Heaven, WWII’s, Yoga Poses.