24 PAX gathered.  Welcome to Grapevine who was in town from Charlotte for a wedding.  Disclaimer provided to the single FNG.  As we jogged down the pathway towards the legislative building for our warm up there was an unspoken sense of anticipation from a few of the PAX.  The warm up included SSH x 20, Good mornings x 15, and Imperial walkers x 15.  After the warm up we jogged around the legislative building and across the bridge to the field.

The Thang

4 stations at the 4 corners; YHC called out exercises at the corners; run between stations

Corner 1: Merkins x 15 each (standard, spiderman, wide grip, left leg up, right leg up)

Corner 2: Sit ups x 20 each (LBCs, WWIIs, hands behind head low slow flutter, Homer to Marge)

Corner 3: Plank x 15 each (mtn climbers, ski abs, chilcut jacks, low plank march)

Corner 4: Squats x 15 each (prisoner squat, squat jumps, alternating jump lunges)

Usain Bolt – line up on the field and go down the line with PAX calling out exercise and running back/forth across field.  After about 10 PAX called out exercises we were surprised to see Pantyhose and his crew of PAX from Ricochet arrive at the same field…at the same time we happened to be there.  Was it fate?  Destiny?  Or clever planning the night before?  Only time will tell.

The GA and Ricochet PAX circled up together and Pantyhose led us in a series of modified Jack Webbs.  Then the Ricochet PAX continued on their run, while the GA PAX jogged over the parking deck at McDowell/Edenton.

Run backwards up incline, side shuffle along the straight away…all the way to the top.  Set of 7’s at the top (LBCs and squat jumps) and some carioca while we waited for PAX to finish.  Then down the stairs and jog back to our starting spot.


LBCs x 20 & Hands behind your head low slow flutter x 25


Sasquatch this Saturday in Greenville, NC

Lots of F3 expansion in other cities around the country; need PAX to volunteer to help start new sites (Grapevine from Charlotte)

No spoken prayer requests; thanks to Yoda for taking us out