YHC attempted the night before to plan out a workout but then the ADD kicked in and next thing you know it’s 0545 and time to begin.  Oswald Orwell was ready when YHC’s clown car arrived, and we actually had a few minutes to talk with the pax prior to the days work, but as usually is the case someone had to remind YHC to get the show on the road.  With what would be 37 pax in tow, YHC noted one fng so a brief disclaimer was given and aproved by site Q’s, it was time to get this thing going!

The Thang:  Mosey towards Six Forks for some warm-ups; GM x 15, PJ’s x 20, SNFAC’s x 10 f/r 2 times, IW’s x 15, SSH x 20, warmer.

YHC starts to move towards Six Forks, pax crossed and we made our way to the amphitheater. Nice conversation on the way with Popeye regarding the shabby building techniques and his status as a consultant in the field.  Once at the field find a partner and face up the hill.

One partner runs while the other does AMRAP of an exercise till specified # is complete.  100 merkins, 150 squats, 100 WWII’s, 60 Bouncing Betty Burpee’s, YHC was winded after the Betty’s.

Circle up with IR pax for a YHC regular, LBC pyramid to 30 and back, #embracethesuck .  A big thanks to Rainman for allowing us to interrupt their work!

Recover on the run back up the hill and past Captrust, hang a Louie and find the bottom of the deck ramp for tower II.  YHC thought about alternating partner 7’s on both deck hills, but Fudd and Epoxy reminded YHC of the lack of time. Make 2 trips to the top of the ramp for 10 merkins at the top, 5 at the bottom and 10 back at the top again, find a spot for Peoples Chair while the pax finishes.

R&R back to the light and thanks to Manram we did Monkey Humpers till the light changed.  Mosey back across to the fountain by side entrance to JC Penny’s, partner 1 L/R s/u’s x 15 while other partner is in peoples chair.  Flip flop and the do the same for Irkins.

Back to where we started for American Hammer’s x 20.


COT: YHC sumarized the Tim Keller book several pax are finishing “A Prodigal God”  Great opportunity to look at one of Jesus’ most common parables and flip the script.  Keller looks at the elder brother as more lost than the younger especially at his refusal to enter the feast in the end of the story.  Why do we do the things we do, for what the Father can give us or out of our love for the Father Himself, hey mirror.  There were several prayer requests and God knows those and the rest that weren’t spoken.  The good Friar took us out with honor to the King of Glory!

The Skin:

YHC still gets nervous before Q’s but God continually provides a way and gives YHC the courage to lead.  As always great to see my man Tin Cup in the IR circle, as well as Rainman who I’m sure will be back to across the street soon.  Running sucks, so we did a good amount of it.  Bouncing Betty’s were what Rockefeller named a strain of burpees, Popeye said it straight, burpees are the great equalizer.  YHC was thankful to have Costco (who said he let his Costco membership lapse) in the ranks today, always some strong mumble chatter when he’s around.  FNG Hoho is a nutritionist and informed Peach Pit and Oswald that crushing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is not the best plan for loosing weight.  If the LBC pyramid doesn’t suck you’re cheating!  Shaggy would have been at the AO but he’s playing at my favorite beach for the week.  After post post discussions with Rogers, Epoxy, & Deliverance (who went to Ethanol not UJ) if YHC were to try to plan a workout it would likely suck in the bad way, go with what you know, shoot from the hip!  As always thanks to the pax for another quality morning, and for sharpening me along the way.  See you next time .

CW Out!