After sharing Christmas gifts last week at BO and lots of Post-Post mumble chatter, Santa decided to visit us again in Cary, hat and all, with no clip board or whistle. Santa has matured from Sergeant to officer ranks. With below freezing temps, YHC had to keep the PAX motivated and moving.

Christmas Thang: Warm up jog to lower bridge overlook. Might need some lights, its gets dark in those woods at 5.45. Better yet, might want to get some new batteries for the lights.

Lower Bridge Overlook

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Good mornings x 20
  • Windmills x 20

PAX Split in Half.

  • Group 1 jog to stairs and reverse stair crawl, plank at top and return. It’s dark in that Christmas tree forest. Be careful
  • Group 2: Partner isometrics: left / right arm presses – 10 count and flapjack till group 1 returns
  • Flapjack groups
  • Repeato with – top/bottom isometrics – 10 count and switch

Run across lower bridge to rock pile. Short jog so pick up a two good size rocks

  • Jog to far hill below Cary Pkwy
  • Two man run up the hill to road while rest of PAX do rock work – dealers choice around PAX. Lots of curls, presses, tricep curls, rows, and some other stuff.
  • Repeat till all PAX complete and then return rocks.
  • Those frozen rocks suck

Run halfway back up hill towards park entrance. It was much easier coming down. Going up sucked.

  •  RING OF FIRE squats jump ups, 7-8 rounds
  • Upper bridge for some arm climbs in plank position then 5 count. A bit difficult for the height challenged Banjo and Burt.

Return up hill to entrance for some Mary

  • Reverse LBC x 20 • Freddy Mercury x 20
  • Plank to chillcut x 20
  • Planks to flying Vajayjay [aka plank jacks]

Return to Cars for some Merkin – a – rama to AC/DC Thunderstruck But alas, there was mechanical failure with the Galaxy. Burt gave +5 for ingenuity, but it was still a total failure. Burt got a perfect +10 from YHC on best F3 shirt, “Got Bourbon” on the front and state of Kentucky on the back. Perfect for a UK win over UNC tomorrow.

COT: Prayer request for Burt’s cousin at Duke and Callahan’s cousin.

F3 Connect on Wednesday as Zima tells us about his great [Failed] creation. F3 Christmas Party December 22. Lots of PAX traveling for Christmas.

McGilles led us in prayer to close.

Thank you for the opportunity to deliver the Gifts.