Brand new GnP SF planted…FIRMLY. Disclaimer given. Coupon disbursement program explained. Jeep Hatch popped, and presents gifted. (More on that later) 5 PAX were ready to take off, but lo… where was Pergo? The Ball Bearings masked Ninja was nowhere in sight.

Run with coupons in hand to stadium parking lot.

Warm-up: SSHx20, Good Mornings x10, Imperial Walkersx20, Fazio arm circles fx8 rx10, 5 burpees OYO

The Thang:

Grab a spot on fence: Peoples chair w/arms in various positions, quick feet x20, repeato with left and right arm curb merkins in between

Run up to playground:

  • 7’s using picnic tables; dips, and decline merkins
  • Chubby Checkers (The standing twist to the right, coupons to chest, arms out, back in, regular, repeat to the left) x20

Run to practice field:

  • Sprint to end and back, 20 squats
  • bear crawl to tower and back, 20 dry docks
  • lunge walk to tower and back, 20 LBCs
  • 2nd set: Sprint, squats, crabwalk, plank-o-rama, sprint

Grab a spot on the wooden fence (not a bus): balls to the wall till it hurt….bad, 30 squats, btw, 40 squats

Jack Webbs: to 6 (almost no time left for Mary)

6 Minutes of Mary (more like 2): Rosalitas x20, Hello Dolly x20, reverse LBC x20


  • Continued prayers for M Howard post Surgery.
  • Talked about the SF and its importance. There was palpable joy, in thinking about the future men of F3 Garner, and the life changes that will occur under that beautiful banner. #Merica
  • Flouride spoke from the book of Ephesians, relating to the “Gift” and the true meaning of Christmas. #powerful
  • YHC closed in prayer; dedicating the shovel flag to the Higher purpose, for the growth of each man in the BOM, and for those future F3ers.

Naked Moleskin:

  • FNG Ankit Ghasi. Named him “Guess.” Works in the estimating office at David Allen Company. Welcome, and looking forward to seeing you at other workouts. Strong work today.
  • The Nickler returned to the F3 gloom. His first experience was a Flatline Q’d Murph at Pullen. Good to have you back.
  • Missing a few regulars today ie. Tardy, Yosef, PMS. No South Wake/Fuquayers joined us. 1from Cary, 1 from #Oaks, and 3, can I say it, Garnereans.
  • Pergo fartsacked today. Blamed his phone or something. #noninja #scaredofbricks #IblameMaize
  • There were a few grunts and such, but of nowhere near the magnitude of PMS and Floppy Disk. Whats up with ripped short guys? Needless to say, it was a quiet day. YHC had to count his own reps a few times.
  • Today was Huffy’s 4th post since last week. #addicted or a #sadist
  • Coupons are an odd commodity. We get hundreds of them in the mail, and promptly throw most of them out. Most of them give something back in return for buying a product or service. Coupons at an F3 workout are items that we use to help receive a little extra in the #downPainment. Today’s deal was made available with bricks. Double bricks = double coupons. Ask your Grandma about double coupons. On the other side of the #downPAINment, think about the opportunities that are right in front of us that we so often throw out. #PergosmelledbricksIknowit
  • YHC was honored to serve. You men are a blessing. 4 months ago, I was solo. #isi