8 art lovers came to post on a frosty wet muddy morning for YHC’s maiden Q. The composition: a landscape of anguish, the medium: sweat and raw determination.

The Thang: Warm up jog around the front of the school and return back to the playground. Circle up on the b-ball court.

• Good mornings x15
• Imperial Walkers x15
• Side Straddle Hops x15
• Merkins x15
• Windmill x15
• Sir Fazio Arm Circles x15
• Reverse x15
• Prisoner Squats x15

Run down to the far side of the soccer field for suicides.
• Partner Carry Suicide – Plank when finished
• Bear Crawl Suicide – Plank when finished
• Regular Suicide – Plank when finished

Run up to the rock pile and grab one and circle up.
• Bicep Curl x10
• Overhead Press x10
• Tricep Extension x10
• Bent Over Row x10
• Rock Merkin Right x10
• Rock Merkin Left x10
Repeat the set x2

Lose the rock, run back down to the facilities.
• People’s Chair 15 second count down the line
• Lower People’s Chair 5 second count down the line
• Balls to the Wall 15 second count down the line

Off the wall, to the picnic tables.
• Left right step up x 20
• Erkins x20

Circle up for Mary
• LBC x20
• Heals to Heaven x20
• Merican’ Hammers x20

Prayer request for F3 Brother Mark, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Strength and healing.

Prayer request for Spurrier’s neighbors, a family in which the father became estranged while battling substance abuse and was tragically found dead. Pray for healing and guidance to help with the void that has been left.

Prayer request for Birkenstock who is dealing with a stress fracture in his foot.

F3 Christmas Party December 22

Kickstarter Mondays beginning in January for FNGs and guys who have not posted lately. The Thang: 6 Mondays of moderate paced workouts to help get FNGs acclimated. Need Q’s and regular PAX who can post to support. Leesville Park location potentially, but possibly at the Brier Creek. Contact Candlestick if you would like to Q.

Spurrier led us in prayer to close.

God bless my friend