The morning started with frozen Kettle Bells and each pax wearing multiple layers hoping to fend off the wet cold. 7 men gathered and we were off…

The Thang…

SSH x 25
Figure 8’s x 10/reverse x 10
2 Handed KB Swing x 20

Mosey down to the track..
Enter Utah who hopped a 10 ft fence without dropping the kettle bell and joined the ranks.

Partner up
P1 does 24 one handed swings and 20 clean and press, 10 each arm
P2 does 1 lap around the track.
Flapjack and Repeat until each partner has done 4 laps

Next Set
P1 does 20 two handed swings and 20 chest presses, 10 each arm
P2 runs a lap
Flapjack and repeat until each partner has done 3 laps

Mosey back to the lot

Flutter kicks with bell x 30


-Strong work by all. Sets were simple and repetitive with a mix of everything thrown in. The cold didn’t last long and the bells were piping hot by the end.

-Toy Drive ends tomorrow, Give any toys to site Q’s

Cinderella took us out

Always an honor to lead