VSF planted due to a banged up stallion and just in time arrival of the Q for PAX of 17 at the original F3Raleigh weekday workout. #keepmoving

The Thang:

Run to upper parking lot, bear crawl around the island and then crab walk around the island. Swiss Merkins till all were done. Circle up.

C.O.P : Good Mornings x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, SSH x 15, Spiderman Merkins x 15

Run to upper field, People’s Chair with 5 count per PAX, Balls to the Wall x 15. Partner Up

The L-10 : Group 1 runs length and then width of field to opposite corner, AMRAP reps while Group 2 runs to meet Group 1. Repeato with 2 stops for each exercise which were Merkins, Knee-ups, Wide Grip Merkins, LBCs & Burpees.

On the Line : Walking the Plank L & R x 10, Plank Jacks x 10, Chilcutt x 10, Peter Chilcutt x 10, High Plank Hold x 10

Sprint the length of the field, He Sees Me on the way back. Sprint the length of the field, R & L Arm Stagger Merkins x 10, He Sees me on the way back. Sprint the length of the field, Decliners x 10 & Hand Release Merkins x 10, He Sees Me on the way back. Jog to back to base.

Mary: Dying Cockroach x 20, High Slow Flutter x 15, Hello Dolly x 15, Reverse LBCs x 15

COT with BOM prayer by Fazio #standforDenali

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps to Pergo for becoming a regular and getting first prize for winter readiness. Who was that masked man? He’ll be looking like Randy Parker when it gets in the 20s. #achristmasstory

RSVP for the December 22nd Christmas Party at Tyler’s Taproom 7-10pm We need credible numbers to make this as enjoyable as possible. Cash donations will be collected at the event, net proceeds will go to The Healing Place & Raleigh Rescue Mission. If you want to bring a check for either, we will deliver them promptly.

Last day to bring toys to a workout is tomorrow. YHC will be at The Judge so I will collect there. #areyouhappynowDenali

-My Boy Blue has wheels, pulling a Larry Bird on all sprints. One PAX has a distinct grunt grinding through Merkins, not sure who. Marley wins the Crab Walker award for the day. #virtualtrophy

-January 1st we’ll have a convergence at 7am, Fletcher Park #startyouryearright

-Ground & Pound has the 2nd installment tomorrow down in Garner. T-claps to Mr. Hand’s work for planting the flag. #12minutedrive #yeahright

-Prayers for Lo Pair, Chili Dog and the parents of PAX having surgery over the next 10 days.