The pax of F3Durham were given a unique opportunity – to participate in the same exact boot camp that Santa Claus (Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas, Papa Noel, Father Christmas, Babbo Natale, etc…) himself uses to get ready for his big night. While Santa trains year round, much like F3, I did my best to condense his intense regimen into a 1 hour beatdown.

Pre-workout: Riggs and Doogie hit a 2 mile tempo run

Warm-up: Some running, SSH x12, mountain climbers x12, arm circles/stretching

In order to prepare for modern day security systems, Santa has to be quick, agile, and be able to evade sensors and lasers
Wind sprints ~50m x2
Bear crawl ~50m, Cakalaky choochoo ~50m, Tunnel of Love ~50m

Head 2 Head races – 50m sprint, 10 merkins, side shuffle 25m, 10 merkins, 50m sprint – for time
Twice through… if you are slower, penalty 30burpees, if you tie or are faster, no penalty – all PAX improved their time (probably at the consequence of technique…)

In order to prepare to sit in the sleigh for long periods of time… people’s chair – 10 count around.. lift left leg for 10, and lift right leg for 10

Over to the PAINground – 10 pullups x2 sets to help santa get up the chimneys

Sleigh push – just in case it gets caught in the snow – oddly, santa’s sleigh is a 1995 high performance saturn – with partner (unless you’re riggs), push the car slightly uphill ~100m

back to the quad for quick foot drills – double toe touch with single leg hop up the stairs R, repeato with left leg – then side shuffle foot drill with sprint up the stairs x2

back to the start for mary: 6″ leg raise, scissors, high leg flutter, WW2s, alternating R/L toe touches


* good work by the PAX today – good to see Coach Doherty at F3Durham
* Prayers go out to Wizard and his family after the untimely death of his twin brother
* Riggs is a beast.. in case you didn’t know
* Merry Christmas.