Beta Test at Brier Creek

On Wednesday morning at 0600, the Eagle crashed into Brier Creek Base with two advance team members aboard.  A third, named after a juiced bat, showed up separately.  A fourth skated in Dan Jansen style.  Solar flares prevented radio contact with Ball Bearings Control.

And there we were at this place “Brier Creek,” which has existed in the Northwest Territory for some time–a place born out of whole cloth years ago in the distant shadow of the Angus Barn.

Harvest moon was out with frost on the ground.

Just as the clock struck 0558, there appear two separate vehicles and emerge two Titans who took a flyer on a random email or two (or ten).


Jog to northwest corner of soccer field 1.  25 SSHs, 15 Windmills, 20 Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles, 20 Imperial Walkers.

Jog to southeast corner of soccer field 2.  10 Mericans; 20 Air squats, 10 wide mericans; 20 Lunges; 5 diamond mericans; 20 Dan Jansens; 10 Mericans; 20 Air squats; 10 incline mericans with partner (flapjack)

Jog to northeast corner of soccer field 1.  Immediate relocation due to unmapped swamp.

Jog to northwest corner of soccer field 1.  10 decline mericans; 10 Air squats; 10 mericans; 10 left/right lunges.

Jog to Heavy Metal Pavillion.  (10 alternating left right step ups; 20 dips) X 3

Jog to parking lot.  20 mini jump ups; 20 A l/r step ups; 20 mini dips (repeato X 2)

Half Moons.  2 partners jog to the other side of the car parked at the end of a half moon parking lot.  Rest of group dealers choice on planks. X 3

Mary: LBCs, Rosalitas, AOCs, Dollies, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Russian Hammers


  • Can’t say enough about FNG Matt Doherty and FNG Birkenstock.  These guys took a flyer on random contacts from yours truly and agreed to show up before dawn in 30 degree weather to follow a bunch of yahoos around.
  • The force is strong with these two.  In addition to absolutely sticking with the veterans, they indulged is with a sit-down discussion of ways to get the Brier Creek operation underway.  They get what we’re doing.  Doherty shepherds a flock in his day job, and Birkenstock is the kind of guy who says what he means and means what he says.  #solid
  • Tclaps and humble thanks from YHC to CK, Fungo and TARP for being part of this.
  • Mission Brier Creek will one day be a solid house of oak and stone for the F3 family.  Our new men may well be its leaders.
  • More to follow.