Paul Blart: If you remember one thing from today, it’s this: the mind is the only weapon that doesn’t need a holster.

We among the F3 PAX seek only the betterment of our fellow man. We’re a peace-loving bunch. High impact workouts, but low impact on the world we push against for the filing down of our own physiques.

Nevertheless, we may at times be misconstrued as riff-raff. Rabble rousers even. Revelers in wreckage by those with badges, blazers and walkies. Yet we muscle on. We press further into the gloom, knowing all the world’s our Merican stage, and we are the players.

Thus, 19 peace-loving PAX thundered through the mirror-dated 12/21 edition of the Catalyst. Riff-raff, perhaps. But wanting only to harm ourselves with the following Beat Down. Laced up, away we all flew.


Warmup Run a lap around Cougarland with stops for:

  • SSH x20 / Mericans x20 / Imperial Walkers x20 / Mtn Climbers x20 / Good mornings x20 / Windmills x20

 Jog to nearby incline parking lot

Pain Stations I:

Group 1 – UPHILL > STATION 1. Mericans x30 oyo STATION 2. Alternating lunges x30 STATION 3. Mericans x30 oyo STATION 4. Ski abs x30

Jog back downhill

Group 2 – Prisoner squats/alt lunges while you wait, then FLAPJACK

Repeato x3 (descending to x25, x20)

Pain Stations II:

Group 1 – UPHILL > SECTION 1. Broad jumps SECTION 2. Backward crab walks 1st round/ Bear Crawls 2nd round/ Giraffe Jumps 3rd round SECTION 3. Karaoke SECTION 4. Single-leg Hops

Jog back downhill

Group 2 – Prisoner squats/alt lunges while you wait, then FLAPJACK

Repeato x3

Jog back to Cougarland. (An encounter with the badge, blazer and walkie necessitated change in plans for YHC & PAX. But again, all the world’s our stage.)

Circle up in middle school grasslands:

  • Chilcutt/High-Plank Around the Circle Over-Unders –> Men diving over, crawling under brothers ’round the circle. (Keeping those high planks nice and high for obvious reasons.)

And in the “Somewhat Unconventional” category:

  • Circle Chasers – Pair up, number off pairs, one partner mounted on back, call two partner numbers and they dismount to race around and back to their partner. Loser: Mericans x10

Short Mary: Hammers x50



  • Big thanks to the PAX responsible for throwing our highly successful F3 Christmas Party this past Thursday night. Good times all around. Go ahead, RSVP for next year’s.
  • No workouts on Christmas Day. Enjoy posting under the tree with your family.
  • This week’s Forge workout starts at 6am.

Prayer Needs:

  • Keep Dufresne in prayer as he recovers from the collapsed lung and continues to heal from Lyme.
  • Continued prayers for M. Electrolux. She awaits test results on a possible MS diagnosis. Prayers for peace as they wait, and for Electrolux as he cares for his M.

3RD F:

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”Psalm 37: 4

This verse is well known because it gives the impression that we can get whatever we want from God. But the beauty of it is, if you delight yourself in God and what God loves, the desires of your heart will then be God and what God loves. It’s cyclical.

So, let’s go forth and delight ourselves in the Lord in the coming week. And in the process, we’ll desire God and what God loves–love for the family around us, patience with our kids, gratitude for all He provides, putting our M’s needs first, serving those in need and reaching out to the hurting brothers around us. Aye!

Electrolux closed us out well in prayer.