Until today, sandbags weren’t part of a Dawn Patrol workout for months and when it was time to grab a bag this morning, the PAX was shocked. As we ran to the spot where Johnny Utah placed forty FULL bags of sand one year ago (not the half empty Zero Hour bags), only 5 remained and empty bags were strewn everywhere and sand scattered. What shocked the PAX more?… Shaggy confessed his father was creating a sand sculpture at MerleFest for the weekend. Coincidence?

Run to the entrance of Laurel Hills take a right. High knees, butt kickers and then run to corner. Stop for 25 burpees then around to the back entrance for the warm-up

Imperial Walker x 20
Good Morning x 20
Nippler x 20
Side Shuffle Hop x 20

The Thang
Run to the soccer field and partner up – size does not matter, but fitness level may help

Run around the Loop as many times as you can with your partner
Stop at 2 stations.
Station 1: Sandbags – 20 squats each
Station 2: Field – 20 partner merkins each/ switched to LBC’s for laps 2-4.

First one to 4 wins – The team with the most laps win the virtual Dawn Patrol trophy. Congratulations Dingo and Beaver for finishing first.

Back to the parking lot for Mary
LBC x 20
Six-inch leg hold – each PAX counted to 20

– F3 Dads Saturday at 9:15, Fletcher Park
– 2nd F April 20th at 6pm: Big Boss, show up at 5pm if you want to get 5 miles in.

Azul took us out in prayer