True Grit – my first ever post 2 years ago and introduction to F3.  Little did I know how I’d come to love the gloom and the brotherhood that has come with it.  12 PAX posted this fine morning, just mere hours after some serious rain.  As QIC, I came with a plan as well as some audibles.  This AO is known to flood so with headlamp adjusted, no FNG’s and the VSF wrapped around my head, we got down to it.


WARMUP:  SSH x 21, Imperial Walkers x 21, Prisoner Squats x 21, Mountain Climbers x21, Run up sidewalk to the top of Dam Hill – partner up

Partner Carry across the top of Dam Hill – flapjack half way (21 Merkins when you flapjack, 21 Merkins when finished).  Squat Hold waiting for all PAX to finish.

Quick Audible:  Pistol Squats (10 right leg, 10 left leg) #BalanceChallenge

Run down path to the Pullup Bars.  Circle Up.  With your partner, 10 Pullups each while the rest of the PAX does called exercises.  Rotate once through as a group.  Called exercises were something like:  Prisoner Squats, Good AM, Windmill, can’t recall the rest.

Run down the path to the first bridge – with your partner, Wheelbarrow across bridge, flapjack half way (21 Merkins halfway and when finished).  Squat hold when finished.  Hands behind back, lower yourself another few inches.  #FeeltheBurn

Run down the path stopping at one of the concrete manhole covers on the left.  Partner Carry to the fork in the path – I think this was about 100 + yards?  21 Merkins when flapjacking and at the end.

Run down the path and stop at the rock pile near the bridge at the back of Shelley Lake.  Pick a friend.

  • 21 Curls
  • 21 Tricep extensions
  • 21 Rock Presses
  • 21 something or other
  • 10 Staggered Merkins (Right hand on Rock)
  • 10 Staggered Merkins (Left hand on Rock)

Put rocks up – Indian Run – we stopped a couple times to keep the group together w/some squat holds and stuff mixed in.  At the boathouse, we stopped, regrouped and then did an AYG sprint to the top of Dam Hill, slight recovery jog to the parking lot for Mary.

Mary:  In and Out’s x 21, Reverse LBC’s x 21, Freddy Mercury x 10, American Hammer x 21


  • With the fields completely wet, I opted to avoid injury and stick to the path today.  With a 2 mile loop, there’s lots to do in 45 min.  My goal is to cover 4 miles (2 loops) one morning with the PAX.  We will get there.
  • It was great seeing Flatline again – where do I get a Red F3 jersey?
  • Why 21?  It was April 21st.  No other reason.


  • Go Ruck signups – Tony Robbins and Singlewide are your guys.  see the website to signup.
  • F3 Dads this Saturday – 930am – Fletcher Park
  • Cherie Berry closed us out in prayer (please sound off in comments on prayer requests).