12 Pax were not deterred by the 16-19 degree weather (depending on who’s phone you looked at).  Today’s theme was Safety and Teamwork.  To satisfy the safety team we polar bear crawled everytime we hit snow.  Teamwork was represented by running all the relays as teams not to mention our two floating rucks that came with a 10 burpee penalty if they touched the ground at any point.

The Thang


  • Jog to the lower field (with some polar bear crawling on the way)
  • Good Mornings x15
  • Windmills x15
  • Fazio x10
  • Reverse Fazio x10
  • Merkins x20
  • Squats x20
  • YHC dropped the ruck on purpose. 10 burpees
  • Polar bear crawl accross the field to the track

Partner Carries

We worked our way up to the mid field.  Once there we formed teams of 3 and did three man carries all the way around the small track.  Switch off as needed.

Partner Route 66 sorta

For this relay we partnered up and ran a modified route 66.  With your partner jog around the track stopping everytime you hit a tree.  Add one merkin to your merkin reps at each stop until you hit the 11th tree.  If you do the math thats 66 merkins.  Repeato with Squats.


  • LBC x20
  • Dips x15
  • Dry Docks x15
  • Slow flutter x15
  • LBC x20
  • Plank o rama

2nd Drop of the day courtesy of Vanderbeek. 10 burpees paid.

Partner AMRAP

After an indian run over to the community center we setup for an AMRAP relay.  For this relay one partner starts doing merkins while the second runs the loop by the poles, bearcrawls down the steps, loops back around and comes back up the long steps.  Progressive count until you get 100 merkins or 2 laps each.

Team’s Chair

Ok so this wasnt really a partner exercise.  We lined up for a people’s chair and passed the ruck with two shoulder presses as the ruck passed by.

3rd Drop of the day courtesy of Vanderbeek. 10 burpee penalty

Can’t belive its only 7:35!

Super long Partner 11s

You and your partner are responsible for completing the 11’s together.  Squats at the top of the road at the stop sign, dry docks at the bottom by the fire hydrant.  This took forever.. haha  nice time burner if anyone is taking notes!


  • It just wouldnt be The Crick if we didn’t finish off with a 50 count Russian Hammer


  • Tclaps to everyone for making it out today.
  • Tclaps to spurrier for basically carrying a ruck the entire workout.
  • Tclaps to Cunningham for pressing through those 11’s.  We can see the progress, keep pushing brother!
  • Tclaps to Limberger for dragging YHC through all those partner relays today!
  • March 7th 6:45 Convergence at Pullen for the 3rd F3 Raleigh anniversary.  Extra credit workout at 0600.
  • March 13th Q school
  • Custom GoRuck coming this October – YHC and Singlewide are your Qs
  • Mud Run April 11th.. signup deadline is March 1.
  • Crick/Weekend Crick/Quickhatch Q signup sheet is here http://goo.gl/J4TKsW
  • Kickstarter Q signup is here http://goo.gl/68eB7R
  • Spurrier took us out.