After a nice 4 hour GoRuck training session with Chapel hill the night before, YHC realized he was signed up to Q quickhatch in less than 7 hours.  Pop some advil and head out..

4 Pax answered the call and showed up in 16 degree weather with their rucks for a little double down pain with YHC.

The Thang


  • Jog to the basketball court
  • Good Mornings x20
  • Squat x10
  • Proper Climbers x20
  • Merkins x20

Relay 1

  • Jog to top soccer field
  • 3man carry from goal to goal
  • repeato until all pax have been carried
  • Polar Bear crawl to the goal
  • Lunge walk back

The Human Centipede

Any horror movie fans out there?  First pax gets in derkin position, second pax puts his feet on the first pax’s shoulders, 3rd pax on second’s shoulders etc.  Once the centipede is formed proceed to do derkins on the down count.   We’ll work up to making the centipede walk but great first attempt.

Circuit time

  • Left right stepups x20
  • Irkins x15
  • Pullups x5
  • Left right stepups x15
  • Irkins x15
  • Pullups x5
  • Left right stepups x15
  • Irkins x15
  • Pullups x7

4 Corners – Grab a partner

  • bear crawl to first corner
  • Wheelbarrow to second
  • Bear crawl to third corner
  • Wheelbarrow to 4th


  • Spiderman the short rails facing right
  • Spiderman the short rails facing left


  • LBC x20
  • Slow flutter x20
  • 6 inch hold x40
  • Pretzel crunch x15
  • Switch leg pretzel crunch x15


  • Solid work fellas.. good luck with Weekend Crick.. might look similar!