It all started at 7:28 PM Thursday.  An email was sent out from the concerned site co-Q of Danger Zone.  Ironically enough, he wondered if the weather conditions would be too dangerous and threw out the idea of canceling.  Some weak-minded and thin-blooded PAX decided they would fartsack, but a few STRONG decided it’d be worth it to show up to YHC’s maiden Q.

This is their story…

YHC showed up early to scout the terrain to find passible workout conditions.  There weren’t many available options.  As YHC made my way back to the parking lot, to the surprise of the PAX, site Co-Q (and email-writing canceler), Burt, was present!  But wait…what is this?  He’s just dropping off the flag and getting back into his car?  All the while gleefully exclaiming that he’s heading to the gym??

That might very well be the most blatant sad-clowning YHC has ever witnessed.  YHC was skaken, but not defeated.

You see, YHC was jubilent this morning because my beloved Boilermakers deafeted the Hoosiers — college basketball’s FIRST rivalry, mind you — so in celebration, we started with 10 Victory Burpees (the best kind of burpees).

The Warm-up:

Run to the basketball courts for: Good mornings x 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles – Forward x 10, Reverse x 10, Imperial Walkers x 20

The Thang:

4 sets of exercises in a series, alternating between arms and legs, counting down from 10 to 2 reps.

Arm exercises: Dips, Standard Merkins, Wide-grip Merkins, and Derkins

Leg exercises: Alternating Left/Right Step Ups, Sumo Squats, Jump Lunges (Left and Right equal 1 rep), Homer to Marge using the wall (x2 whatever the count is)

Start with 10 reps of Arms, plank until everyone finishes.  Various 10-counts by PAX called by YHC

9 reps of Legs, squat hold until everyone finishes.  Various 10-counts by PAX called by YHC

8 Arms, 7 Legs, 6 arms, 5 legs, 4 arms, 3 legs, 2 arms….

The PAX aren’t doing 1 rep…so let’s do 10 reps of the leg exercises to finish it off.

Extra credit for the arms: Bear crawl from half court to fence, balls to the wall once reaching the fence with a 10-count down the line

YHC was suprised to learn that we only killed 30 minutes.  The PAX were moving faster than anticipated, maybe due to the lack of warmth in the air, or maybe just becuase these are the strongest of the Cary PAX.  Duly noted.

Mary go round, called by PAX:

YHC- box cutters x 20; Banjo- X’s and O’s x 12; Nabisco- Low, Slow Flutter x 20; Ma Bell- Side Plank Crunches x 15 each side; CK- Russian Hammer x 25

With plenty of time left and no real plan, we jogged a lap around the parking lot to allow for time to think.  During the lap, stop for 5 Merkins and 5 Jump Squats, one for each degree Fahrenheit.  In hindsight, easily could have stretched that to double digits, but the cold air got to YHC’s brain and prevented most rational thinking from occurring.

Back at the basketball courts, line up on the wall for Incline Merkins x 20

Still 5 minutes left? Are you kidding me??


Regular – 10 count around the cirlce

Left Arm Up – 5 count ATC

Right Arm Up – 5 count ATC

Chilcut: 10 count ATC

Squat-o-rama: 10 count ATC (it was a real slow 10-count from the PAX, I promise)


-Banjo’s dad had surgery on his sciatic nerve, the pain is GONE, and all the PAX said Amen

-Prayers out to Sad Clown’s…er, I mean Burt’s…wife, who will be undergoing knee surgery.

YHC took us out, then we ran to the cars.  It was a pleasure gentlemen, let’s do it again sometime soon.

Oh, and GO BOILERS!!