A Saturday morning in February. 19 degrees. Ice still scattered all around. The perfect set up for a lazy morning. Or at least it used to be. Driving down Western Boulevard towards Pullen Park with no other cars in sight, watching the early morning sun peek from behind the clouds against the backdrop of downtown Raleigh, I was struck by thought that just a little under three years ago, I would not have witnessed such a majestic sight.  It’s hard to see such things from the narrow view of a bedroom window.  But today I found myself again in the biting cold of a winter morning with 12 brothers by my side, about to launch into what now has become the typical Saturday routine.  And I couldn’t be more thankful.

The Thing:

Run from the parking lot up to the cul-de-sac for a quick warm-up COP:  good mornings, IW’s, plank jacks, standard merkins and SSH’s

Grab some curb for quick feet x 20, little baby dips x 15, mini jump-ups x 20, little baby irkins x 15

Head over to NCSU parking deck for a bent Jacob multiplier:  partner 1 runs up ramp, does 2 burpees at the top and runs back down while partner 2 does AMRAP prisoner squats – flapjack.  Double the number of burpees on each trip up until both partners reach 16.

Plank-o-rama: standard, low plank, standard, Sarkozy w/leg raise, standard, Putin w/leg raise, standard, Chilcutt, standard

Bonus trip up the ramp with 10 burpees at the top

Run back to tennis courts at Pullen for alternating People’s Chair x 2 and Balls to Wall x 2 with variations worked in

Tackle the 5-spot:  modified Beast consisting of 5 sets, with each set consisting 5 reps of an exercise at 5 stops along tennis courts.  Exercises were wide-grip merkins, LBC’s, CDD’s, Russian Hammers and hand release merkins.

Mosey over to picnic gazebo for alternating double step-ups x 15, diamond derkins x 12, irkins x 15, alternating double step-ups x 20

Run back down to main entrance for 3 MOM:  LBC’s x 30, rowboat/canoe (complete with arm circles)

COT:  Prayers/praises for MBurt (recovering from knee surgery), Tecumseh’s friend (battling breast cancer), Rice Krispies daughter (healthy, happy and just turned 1).  Might be forgetting one or two more.

Slash closed us out.


Lots of Larry Birds on the 5-spot, with Grease Monkey, CK, Enron and Lamp taking turns out front.

Strong showing by our 4 #Respects.  You men continue to inspire by coming out, doing work and plain getting it done.

Great to have 2 of the original Oaks7 out there today.  Would be awesome to get the whole band back together at some point.  #WhereIsSproles


3rd Anniversary convergence, March 7:  6 am – EC led by Howard, 6:45 am – Main Event.

MudRun, April 11:  Registration closes March 1.  Sign up here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/f3-spring-mudrun-2015-f3-only-tickets-15587700231

Blue Ridge Relay, Sept. 11-12:  Teams starting to form.  Raise your hand if interested.

Thought of the Day:

African Proverb (appears at end of the movie “The Good Lie” – check it out):  “To go fast, go alone.  To go far, go together.”  #Truth.  As always, an honor and a pleasure.  Aye.