YHC pulled into the parking lot at exactly 6:30 to find 6 bundled, faithful standing in the gloom. No disclaimer, #redpill’s distributed and we set off.

The Thang…

Run down Greenway to the arches, Circle Up
SSH x 20
Std Merkin 10 count
1 legged merkin 5 count each leg
Good morning x 15

Mosey to the Dojo

11’s alternating between burpee box jumps and derkins. Noted as the #crowdfavorite, always better to have dessert first

20 x LBC’s
20 x Freddie mercury
20 x Flutter Kicks

Mosey around the pond the the art building, avoiding the ice

Alternate between BTW and People Chair.
10 count down the line for each position
Repeato 3X

Mosey to the amphitheater

Split into 2 groups
Group 1 Run to metal staircase beside museum, 20 burpees at the top, bearcrawl down steps, 20 squat jumps
Group 2 Bearcrawl down amphitheater stairs, 15 derkins, run up steps 15 squats / Repeat until Group 1 returns

Repeat for final 20 Minutes

Mosey to the BF Hill for one sprint Up the hill, then AYG back to the parking lot

25 X LBC
20 x Merican hammer



-Strong work out their by the few faithful. Ice covered greenways kept us from covering much ground but we found ways to stay busy.

-Glad to see newer pax embracing Whiplash for the #suckfest it is. Swingline, Dingo, Huckstable, all looking strong.

-T Claps to The Butcher for crushing workouts while in the 50+ club, #respect, that guy is an Ox

Prayer courtesy of Dingo

Always an honor to lead