Clearly Franklin had big plans for today – when Denali said we only had 5 minutes left, Franklin has to drop half of his planned workout.  Clearly the 10 PAX were moving slow.

Warm up

Jog around the parking lot loop until the pax started asking about if that was the only plan for the morning – (as this group doesnt like to run – this was only 1 1/2 laps)  Circle up – followed by GM x20, Sir Fazio arm circles x20, SSH x 20, Goofball x20, Mt. Climber x20 – by the way Denali is particularly fond of the goofball for future Qs.

The Thang

Run to Shelter – Merkins x25, Dips x25, Alternating R/L step ups x25 – repeat 2 additional times – dropping reps 5 times each rotation – and changing from regular merkins, to wide grip to diamond

Jog back to Parking lot – break into groups of 3

1st group – backwards run – ; 2nd group – LBCs – AMAYK – Bear crawl to location 3 once first group arrives, 3rd group – Burpees – AMAYK – until group 2 arrives – each group to all three stations

Repeat – with group 1 starting as kareoke and group 3 changing to squats

Repeat – with group 1 lunge walk then run and group 3 changing back to burpees, group 2 to reverse LBCs

Repeat – same group 1 backwards run – group 3 back to squats

Quick plank o’rama – finishing off with ring of fire – 5 merkins around circle while remaining pax hold

Quick mary to close – WW2 – until PAX started falling out – (between 25 and 30)

COT – announcements – upcoming mud run and area convergence work out – March 7th.  Prayer requests – upcoming baby for McCants

Thanks Men!