45 degrees and wet-but-not-raining was somewhat of a treat for the 15 PAX that showed up for Zero Hour this morning.  No new faces, no Munson, short disclaimer.

Jog to the upper parking lot for the standard warm-up:  SSH, Good Mornings, Windmills, Imperial Walkers x 20 each.

5-10-15:  Three sets of cones roughly 25 feet apart along the parking lot.  First cone is 5 of called exercise, second is 10, third is 15.  Back to the start and plank until all are finished.  Exercises were standard merkin, prisoner squat, dry docks, star jumps, wide merkins, single leg deadlift, diamond merkins, Dirty Bird Jansen (aka I’m Not That Strong A Swimmers), burpees.

Recover on the jog and head down the hill.  7s on the hill with burpees at the top, merkins at the bottom.

Jog back up the hill and over to the tennis courts.  Line up along fence behind the baseline on either side.  Run forward to baseline, backward to the fence, forward to service line, backward to fence, forward to net, backwards to fence.  3 burpees.  Three sets with some BTTW and People’s Chair thrown in.

To the shelter for Mary.  LBC x 30, Freddie  x 30, Heels to Heaven x 25.

COT.  Slash took us out, and agreed to take the Q next week.  Watch out.

-prayers lifted up for Hush Puppy and his family, Doug Walter (Slash’s amigo and beloved member of Hayes Barton UMC), and those struggling with health issues.

-on a less serious note, the Dirty Bird Jansens (Not That Strong A Swimmers) were a site to behold.  Myrtle seemed especially pleased.  That’s just good clean fun folks.

-Was asking myself during the workout “Self: how much of this would you do if you were here alone?  Answer: Not much.”  Appreciate each and every one of you for being there in the mornings.  Humbled by the chance to lead and be a part of this group.