Another week!   Lets get started in a POSITIVE Manner!….then Wilson shows up and first thing out of mouth is a complaint, followed by a criticism.   YHC got to Crucible early to check out a way to stay out of the rain, and about had it figured out…then I thought of Wilson and how he would complain regardless.  TONY ROBBINS….can we pass the hat around to collect $ and pay you to give Wilson some private Self-Help/Positive Thinking sessions?

Today’s workout mirrored Urban Jungle from last week.  With no UJ participants from last week posting (if memory serves me correctly) this posed no redundancy problem.  Here is how it went:


SSH x 40

Windmills x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20,

Fazio Arm Circles x 20….reverse

Good Mornings x 15

MAIN:  Circle of Pain


9 stations We line up 2 men to a position…one team had 3. Performed each exercise for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds to get to the next station. Rotate clockwise. Rinse and repeat 3 times

  1. Spider merkins
  2. American Hammer
  3. Star jump Burpees
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. Plank Jacks
  6. Lunges
  7. Diamond Merkins
  8. Flutter Kicks
  9. Imperial Squat Walkers

30 minutes of this is enough

Mary…out of time


THE Forum is 12pm today at Panera Bread next to Whole Foods.  Come and get fed in your gut and your HEART

March 7 is F3 Raleigh 3rd Year Anniversary at Pullen Park.  6am start (Extra Credit)…6:45 Normal Start

Prayers for Yukon Cornelius, Hush Puppy, PAX Marriages, Limberger’s friend (High School coach I believe) whose wife died unexpectantly at 50 years old.

Below is Devotion from Os Hillman…take time to read it.

Wilson took us out in Prayer.

Another Great Morning at F3!!


The donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day?” – Numbers 22:30

Most workplace believers I know tend to be task – oriented, motivated visionaries. And they will do just about anything to make their projects successful. This great strength can, if not properly bridled by the Holy Spirit, be a great weakness in their ability to fulfill God’s will in their life.

Sometimes we want something to succeed so much that we fail to listen to that little voice inside trying to warn us by directing us on a different path. Such was the case of Balaam. He started out as a man of God, but then took the path of a “prophet-for-hire.” God was not pleased with Balaam’s decision to respond to a pagan king’s request that he curse Israel. As Balaam rode his donkey to keep his appointment with the king, God sent the angel of the Lord to stand in the way and oppose Balaam. Although Balaam did not see the angel, his donkey did. Three times the donkey turned from the path and three times Balaam beat the animal in anger. Finally, the donkey turned around, and to Balaam’s shock and amazement, began to speak to him, admonishing his master for beating him. Imagine a donkey talking to you! He warned Balaam of the angel of death who was standing in the road with a sword drawn, ready to kill Balaam if he continued.

There are times when pushing harder, trying to manipulate the circumstance, or pressing those around you is not the response to have to the roadblock. God may be trying to have you reconsider your ways. God may be doing one of four things when you are faced with an obstacle: 1) He’s blocking it to protect you. 2) His timing to complete this stage is not the same as yours, and He may need you to go through a process of character refinement. 3) He may want other players to get in place, and the circumstances are not yet ready for them to enter. 4) He may be using the process to develop patience in you. Relying on the Holy Spirit to know which one applies to your situation is the key to moving in God’s timing.