YHC was greeted to a record crowd of 13 pax for Disabled List this morning. A healthy mix of folks newer to F3, several old Recovery Road standbys and a hand full of the F3 faithful in attendance so the pressure was on Dice to deliver a good workout to a broad array of preparedness.

Cornholio returned from his week long F3 Hiatus as M. Cornholio is back on regular work schedule hours and he no longer has solo parent dad duties in the early AM. Tin-Cup was at least five minutes early. Dice brought his umbrella to lead into the parking deck – which proved wholly unnecessary. Epoxy paid homage to Dice by wearing an identically fluorescent orange pullover, aye welcome to flashy fashion with a purpose…. hopefully it will keep him from being hit while jogging in the gloom!

North Hills Mall – the temp hovered in the mid forties, the AstroTurf was moist, a thick dampness hung in the air….but no bacon or BBQ wafted in this morning. (Again, a disappointment to Dice). The drizzle rain held off until the last 10 minutes of the post. After the warmup Dice had to shed his zip up sweatshirt out of concern of overheating…the shirtsleeves weren’t too chilly until post workout.

F3 Disclaimer Give along with the Recovery Road Disclaimer: And somehow Dice missed at the outset that we had an FNG on hand – Welcome, Sajak. (I don’t think we have someone with that name already…but we’ll see who brings the “hammer down”.)

AstroTurf: Warm Up
25x SSH, slow pace (2 per 4 count cycle – 50 reps)
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10X Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10/10x Shoulder Shrug, Neck Roll / Reverse
20x Prisoner Squat Stretch

15 Q Count Standing leg/leg stretch and switch
15 Q Count Plank Calf Stretch and switch
20 Q Count Butterfly Stretch

25x SSH, Fast Pace (2 per 4 count cycle -50 reps)

McAllister’s Deli Fountain: “Fives”
Regular Pace
20x Irkin (studs 2 per 4 count cycle – 40 reps)
20x Dips (studs 2 per 4 count cycle – 40 reps)
20x Alternating Right / Left Step Up
20x Derkins (studs 2 per 4 count cycle – 40 reps)
20x Elevated Crunch
20 Q Count

Fast Pace
15x Irkin (studs 2 per 4 count cycle – 30 reps)
15x Dips (studs 2 per 4 count cycle – 30 reps)
15x Alternating Right / Left Step Up
15x Derkins (studs 2 per 4 count cycle – 30 reps)
15x Elevated Crunch
20 Q Count (somewhere in the 15 x Derkins YHC stopped hearing the count from the Pax, but Cornholio was loud and clear)

Slow Pace – full range of motion with excellent form at a Gnobby’s Exceedingly Slow Pace Cadence count
10x Irkin
10x Dips
10x Alternating Right / Left Step Up
10x Derkins
10x Elevated Crunch

AstroTurf: “Threes” aka Dirty McDeuce
10x Prayer Squat
10x Standard Merkins (studs doubled up to 20 reps)
10x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
Tree – Yoga Pose 20 Q Count

10x Prisoner Squat
10x Wide Grip Merkin (studs doubled up for 20 reps)
10x American hammer (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
Tree – Yoga Pose 20 Q Count

10x Sumo Squat
10x Diamond Merkins (Tiger Beat can afford “Big Diamonds”)
10x Freddie Mercury
Tree – Yoga Pose 20 Q Count

10x Squat Jump
10x Carolina Dry Dock
10x R. LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
Tree – Yoga Pose 20 Q Count

AstroTurf: Exercises to fail
It is what it sounds like – Pax performs exercise on Q Cadence until they fail out – either form drops out or off cadence or just flat fail. Then stand and perform a named exercise while remaining pax continues to fail.

Single Count Merkins: on a rapid Q Count
First Place: Mayhem – 50+ – this guy is a machine. Fifty actually full form pushups after all of the above. I hope I can do half of what he does in a post when I’m his age….he already does twice what I do now at 13 years my senior. Oh yeah, Tiger Beat came in second with 42 or 43

Cornholio Man Maker – the 8 count burpee on steroids
First Place: Tie – Mayhem and Dingo at 18 with a gentleman’s agreement that that was enough.

Plank-O-rama: 20 Pax Count per rotation

Count off:
13 Pax

FNG Jon/John Seier – F3 Name Sajak “Too many vowels together”

March 7 Convergence at Pullen Park – meet at 6:00 am for “extra Credit” or at 6:45 for regular work-out. No other workouts that day. There may or may not be coffee on site (King David).

April Mud Run – sign up on details on website

Mondays at 12:00 Noon: The Forum – bible study / deliberation and discussion on real life. Lead by Friar Tuck / Grady. Panera Bread Six Forks south of Strickland. By Whole Foods.

Wednesday Recovery Work-Out 5:45 North Hills Amphitheater / Chuy’s Grass. Cornholio Qs.

Prayer Requests:
Azul’s Family – M-I-L passed on.

Hush Puppy, Father and family

Tiger Beat’s Friend recovering from a motorcycle accident

Cornholio took us out

A pleasure as always….I hope all got something out of it this morning, and that most feel it this evening and in the morrow.