12 of Midtowne’s finest descended upon North Hills Park on this balmy morning to test any remaining slick spots on Sisyphus.  There were none.

Jog halfway down Sisyphus and oval up for warmup:

Good mornings, dive merkins, windmill, alternating lunge jump, imperial walker, all x 20.

To bottom of hill, “grab a challenging but reasonable rock”.  Question from nameless PAX – “Are we moving with rocks?”  Answer – “Grab a challenging but reasonable rock”.

Rock curl, rock jack (SSH with rock press), merkin R hand on rock, mountain climbers, nipplers, merkin L hand on rock, tricep extensions, all x 20.  Those rock jacks are hard.  Moaning ensues.

PAX were instructed to run up Sisyphus halfway — backwards — with rock.  At halfway point, perform 10 sumo squat jumps with rock OYO, continue up hill (forward-facing), Enron leads plank set at top.

Circle up for more rock jacks, hammer (with rock), LBC’s, supine rock press, curl.  As we headed over to picnic shelter, Cinderella (sporting requisite ruck, of course) told me “Good job“, to which I replied “For what?”

“Your Q so far.  It’s rare to hear Vila complain more than Au Pair.”

At shelter, alternating step ups with rock, irkins, dips x 20.  Back down Sisyphus to return rocks, with stop halfway for 10 more sumo squat jumps with rock.

Plank at bottom, then back up halfway for 10 1 legged burpees, right leg OYO, 10 more left leg at top of hill.  Back to shelter for Mary:

Heels to heaven, dying cockroach, dirkins, all x 20.  #done


The Forum, noon today, Panera @ Six Forks and Strickland.

Sign up for the Blue Ridge Relay, see Back Blast posted by Yo Yo.

March 7thF3 Raleigh 3rd Anniversary Convergence, talk up at COT….no other Raleigh workouts that day. Details are here http://f3nation.com/2015/02/22/pre-blast-f3-raleigh-celebrates-3-years-on-march-7th/ ….give it a “T-claps” if you plan to attend.

April 11th : Ultimate Mud Run, sign up is still open for the next week so we can work on travel details. Duff and Zima are the Qs, details are on the site.

Feb 27th : The Arena at 2:30pm. Momentum is really building here and a shirt design is in the making, you will want to buy one. Try to post if your schedule permits.

Q School March 15th @ 3:30, Fletcher Park

New Monday bootcamp in the works : 5:30 start, likely to be at Eastgate Park. Look for more details to come soon, Blue Crush & Box Jump will be the Site Qs.

Prayers – for those injured, for those struggling with and in relationships, Doug Walter, HBUMC member battling leukemia and starting bone marrow treatments this WED at UNC`