15 PAX ventured into the VERY dark gloom this morning. Temperature is starting to drop, but it was a “warm” 43 degrees. 5, including YHC, showed up for Extra Credit, and rolled in right at 5:45 to get started. We missed some North Raleigh regulars due to injury and vacation, but good to have Dingo back in the gloom this morning.
Good Mornings X10
IW X10
Mountain Climbers X10
Sir Fazio Arm Circles X10
SSH – keep counting until JerBear gets back from turning his headlights off
Mosey down the path toward Strickland Road. Stop at the rock pile – luckily someone had a head lamp so we could actually see the rocks. Pick a partner, pick one rock per couple (insert mumble chatter about being called couples). YHC and dingo finally picked a winner after testing 9 or 10. Partner chase back down path to Baileywick Rd – partner one takes off carrying rock, partner 2 does 5 burpees then runs to catch partner two – flap jack until get to the street.
Next Up, partner 1 runs down to bottom of the hill, performs 5 burpees, then run back up the hill while Partner 2 does AMRAP rock exercises, then flap jack. Exercises were:
Rock Chest Press
Rock Curl
Rock Squat Press
Rock LBC
Rock Flutters
NOTE: don’t have PAX doing exercises in the entry of the park, cars (or Park Maintenance Trucks) do enter sometimes.
Once done, continue Rock Burpee Partner Chase to grass between baseball fields. The plan was for Partner 1 to rock toss bear crawl burpees to the fence and back (throw your rock, bear crawl to it, 5 burpees, repeato) Partner 2 run up and down the big dirt hill until Partner 1 finishes. The plan did not work out –  The first group up the hill realized quickly the lack of light was an issue  – it helps to see where you are going as you run up and down the hill – so we audibled to BTTW. As group 2 started the bear crawls, realized we were running out of time and had to get the rocks back – so recover, mosey to the much closer rock pile to discard rocks – mosey back to parking lot for LBC X 25 and American Hammers X 30.
Announcements – got to be a Christmas part soon, right?
Prayers – Site Qs CDC and Pygmy’s injuries resulting from being too old. Simmons Grandfather having heart procedure, maybe another I missed?
HeadGear took us out eloquently.
My daughter turned 15 this week, and my youngest turned 10 last week. When I got to EC, Grady and Rouge were discussing the “joys” of babies and toddlers, but it seems like yesterday my kids were that little. Time flies, so take time to stop and enjoy the little things in life – like throwing rocks in the dark.