3 Pax enjoyed the humidity of the gloom this AM. 1 Pax ran around half of downtown Raleigh only to find us in time for windsprints #impressive

Warm up- Mozy to the trail of tears (or whatever we’re going to call that long ass railing) circle up 20x good morning, 10x imperial walkers, 10x moutain climbers

Tha’ thang; Ninja slide on the railing all the way up: switch off the ruck at the gaps. Jog to the pylons, 5x derkin/slide right on the pylons. Switch off the ruck after each 5x rep. Jog to the Progress E bldg. 1 Pax hold the ruck over your head while 1 Pax jumps the half wall for a 15 count and the last Pax does LBCs to the time of the half wall counter. Switch off until everyone has had a chance. (by this time we had been found after many sprints around parking decks so numbers boosted) Next rotation: 20x scissor jump squats with the ruck while 3 remain Pax switch off between 10x derkin, 10x irkin. Next rotation: 15x LR step ups with the added reverse lunge per step up. 1 Pax rotates on the ruck over head during the count. Jog to WDTV-11 HQ. Wind sprints under the awning with the ruck (no slipping allowed) target of 6x 30 yard sprints (3x each way) while 3 Pax timed the count to 30x LBC. Jog to the Bus station at Moore Square: 5x pull up with the ruck, 3 Pax People’s chair. 5x pull up w/out ruck 2 Pax plank, 1 Pax ruck overhead. Rotate through all. Jog to Marbles: 30x Box cutters.


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