9 1/2 PAX showed for the following F3 workout THE CRUCIBLE. The weather was a comfortable 45 degrees with a slight  mist in the air to start this weeks addition of Wilson’s Q on the fly.


Mosey around the parking lot hoping Man Ram will appear and take the Q. No Man Ram, circle up for:


SSH x 25

Good Mornings x 15

Mountain Climbers x 25

Merkins x 15


With no Man Ram, the PAX overwhelmingly decided to venture off campus with an Indian Run to Rangecrest. Upon arrival at the base of Rangecrest, your QIC overheard Orwell asking to stop at the base of Rangecrest. so in true F3 fashion the PAX continued the Indian Run up Rangecrest. At the top the PAX split up into two groups.

First group sprints to bottom and back up. Second group prisoner squats until first group returns. Flapjack.

First group sprints to bottom and back up. Second group wide grip merkins until first group returns. Flapjack.

First group sprints to bottom and back up. Second group monkey humpers until first group returns. Flapjack.

At this point your QIC was conflicted on wether a fourth time was needed going up and down Rangecrest. Orwell’s grunts and growns led me to believe we needed more pain but Singlewide’s spilled Merlot or NOT led your QIC to recover on the jog back to the Crucible campus. But before we arrived back at the Crucible campus a little bear crawling between telephone posts was needed. Back at our lovely campus your QIC decided enough of the steady drizzle and headed to the shelter.

Derkins x 15

Dips x 15

Irkins x 15

Reapto x 3.

Somewhere out of the Gloom our own Man Ram appears claiming a failed alarm clock.

With a little time left before Mary you QIC decides to introduce the PAX to new way of doing burpees. No name yet but basically a squat hold until QIC barks out burpee and back to into a squat hold increasing the burpees each time the QIC barks out burpee. Worked our way up to five. Nice work by the PAX on this one. Mosey back to our shelter for a little Mary:

American Hammer x 25

Freddie Mercury x 25

Homer to Marge x 20

Six Leg Hold.


Ethanol moving to Crabtree Mall starting this Wed. with a 5:30AM start time.

F3 Connect this Wed. sign on the website.

F3 bowling coming up in early December look for our man Costco to provide more info shortly.

Third F at SOLA Coffee starting Monday. Join Friar Tuck.

Prayers for Orwell’s business, CT scan for Man Ram’s person of interest, all GSK employees on pending announcement.

Fazio closed us out in a wonderful prayer.


It was both an honor and a privilege to be amongst the PAX this AM. If you have not signed up to Q do so and if you have not Q’d in awhile sign up to Q!