21 pax. With one FNG Chantecler https://www.howtopronounce.com/french/chantecler/ YHC had Burt introduce the disclaimer. We were quickly off to the playground with several stops on the way for Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Mountain climbers, low plank holds, more Merkens, wind mills, and lots of squat holds waiting for the 6s.

At the playground, complete full Cindy. 10 rounds of: 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 sumo squats.

Mosey to Sertoma for some SHANK inspired Round-Up. Let’s clean this place up. Pax in plank position and pull ALL the weeds from between the cracks.

Mosey over to the center baseball field entrance for a round of 11s, Markins and Burpee’s. Not sure how many rounds were completed before audible was called and we headed home with stops on the way at the kiosk and the top of the hill for low squat hold for 6s. Mosey to Billy Run Road for hammers. And then starting in Crab position, Billy Run home.

We are done.

9/11 stairclimb at Carter Finley

Prayer concerns for Katniss family and his starting MBA at Auburn and YHCs trip to Kentucky next week.

Grease took us out

Thanks men. I needed this today.

Good to see Dilbert and Malpractice back for week two.

Coney, me thinks you missed the spirit of the Round Up; aka tons of bear crawls, planks, Sarkozy and Putin all wrapped as a gift to the pax.

Shank. Thanks for the inspiration.

Learned a few things from flip-flop that I just had to incorporate. Like. ..warmup

Disclaimer was beautiful Burt. Your attention to detail and the articulation of the purpose was motivating?