PAX slowing gathering at FOD hoping to beat the rain. Is that Calli posting so soon after getting the first stamp on his Fatherhood Club membership card ? Praise ! With PAX continuing to stream in, we’re off. Quick lap around around the upper lot then circle up for warmup. Black SUV pulls up with music blarring… hmmm who could it be ? Burt !

The Warmup

20 x windmills
20 x SSHs
15 x GMs
15 x IWs
20 x merkins

The Thangs

Mosy over to the TOCRP grab a rock.

“Will we be travelling ?” the PAX inquire… “Quite possibly”, states YHC, “But why should it matter?”

20 rock curls followed by 20 rock extensions for warmup.
Find a partner, face each other and compare rocks. Toss the smallest back in the pile, then mosy to upper deck.

First loop, partner 1 rock curls OYO while parter 2 bear crawls to first island then runs the remaining lap. Flapjack.
Second loop, partner 1 rock extensions OYO while parter 2 lunge walks to first island then runs the remaining lap.

Mosy out the back trail to the main road.

Catch me if you can – Rock Edition – to the far, far parking lot.
Parter 1 runs carrying rock while Partner 2 does 10 x merkins then runs to catch up. Flapjack.

Next up, 100 x rock curls, 100 x rock squats, 100 x rock extensions starting with Partner 1 while Partner 2 runs around the next island and back. Flapjack.

Mosy to the soccer field.

Partner 1s on one side planking shoulder to shoulder.
Partner 2s same to form two plank lines facing each other.
Execute tunnel of love starting on left flank, run to the midfield and reform tunnel on the go. Repeato.

Return rocks, circle up for quick Mary 20 x WW2s.


Count-a-rama: 18
Name-a-rama: 4 respects, 1 hate, 13 Mehs
Praises: Callahan’s M
Prayers: Callahan’s 2.0 & M; Chinese Downhill’s family
BOM: Saban took us out