YHC arrived at the AO about 15 minutes before start time to scout a few things out, with Rogers and Epoxy pulling in shortly after. The lads were heartbroken to learn there would be no EC, but spirits were raised enormously once a lively discussion of BREXIT broke out.

In a truly rare phenomenon, all of the Pax arrived at least 5 minutes early (surely in anticipation of the Q). Brexit discussion only goes so far, so at 5:45 on the nose YHC cut-in to some awkward silence and got things rolling.


  • 25x SSHs
  • 15x Good Mornings
  • 15x Windmill
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • 12x Sir Fazio Arm Circles
  • 12x Reverse Sir Fazio Arm Circles
  • 15x Seal claps
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • 20x Mountain Climbers
  • 20x Prisoner Squats

The Thang

Grab some curb for the Wheel O’Merkin, 15 reps at all 4 stops

20x Quick Feet

Line-up for Indian Run. Despite the early arrival to scout, YHC bricked on the directions and had to reroute on the fly, resulting in an extra trip up and down Rangecrest (sorry). Once the group arrived at the bottom of Rangecrest, the Q called out BLIMPS in the traditional fashion, with the group performing the prescribed exercise at each new driveway ascending the hill. B, back down the hill, B, up, L, back down the hill, B, up,L,up, I, back down the hill, etc.

Squat hold until all were finished. On your six for a brief dose of Mary:

  • 30x LBC
  • 15x Homer to Marge

Line-up for Indian Run back to Williams Park

Back there we headed for the picnic shelter for a quick round of dips, step-ups and erkins.

Over to the parking lot for a little more Mary of Freddie Mercs, Dying Cockroaches and closed it out with 5 Burpees OYO

There was a reminder about The Forum today at lunch as well as the Haven House workout on Tuesday evening.

Pink Slip offered up prayers for the family of the young man he got to know through church that was tragically killed at Fordham.

Mayhem led us out with a strong prayer.

Thanks to all for giving me the opportunity to lead, there is truly nothing else like F3.