SSH X 20
Good Morning X 15
Imperial Walkers 15

The Thang
Mosey on over to the rock pile. Chose a coupon that I warned we would have for a while so pick a good looking one! Run with a rock till we find a nice sturdy wall to work with. Found the perfect spot. we started w/ derkins X20, jump ups w/ the rock X15, LBC’s X20, Rock Squats X15. Then more derkins, we switched from reg to wide grip then diamond, repeto till we face planted! Then rock squats with rock over head X15. Freddy Mercury’s X20 Then back to Jump UPs w/ the rock X15. Then ran back to take rocks home!

Found a hill, started w/ 20 burpee’s then run up hill and back down
Reverse lunges X20 then up the hill and back down
called out Moonshine for an exercise, he picked star jumps X20 up hill then back down
called out Snuffy he picked bear crawl up hill and steam roll down (Snuffy…)
we ended w/ Peter parker burpee’s X10 then up hill and back down

Mosey back over to the starting field for some mary,
Flutter kicks X25
American hammer X25
boat to canoe
ended w/ merkins to wide grip to diamond repeto till face plant

Big Shout out to MR Hand for hanging with us at Agoge