It was downright arid compared to yesterday morning’s deluge, and the Baker’s Dozen PAX were mostly dry and in a good mood. With New Years nearly upon us, time to get in a final whipping or two before 2015.

SSH x 25
Mountain Climber x 20
Good Morning x 20
Windmill x 20

The Thang
Amble over to the stairs leading up to the school. Partner up for Stairbarrows, with partner 1 knocking out the first three sets of stairs and partner 2 taking the next three sets to the top. Back down and repeat. After the second time, 10 Burpees OYO and then down to the street for a jog.

Head down Oxford to the intersection at Dunhill. 10 Standard Merkins, Bear Crawl up the hill, 10 Wide Grip Merkins at top. Back down to the bottom and repeat, but with Diamond Merkins and Spiderman Merkins. Extra credit to whoever spotted the car coming at high speed over the hill and sounded the alarm. Wait for everyone to finish with a little right/left Planking and Low Plank Hold.

Run to the Joyner front parking lot and find a spot on the curb. Proceed with an up/down version of Fast Feet and Mountain Climbers. Basically Fast Feet OYO on the curb until YHC calls “Down”, then Mountain Climbers OYO on the curb until YHC calls “Up”. Do this for a while.

Head to the other side of Joyner underneath the building. Proceed with 11s up the hill toward the back of the school, with Jump Lunges at the top and Prisoner Squats at the bottom. It doesn’t look far, but seemed to keep the heart rate up pretty well. Keeping lunge form toward the end was definitely a challenge.

A little Mary underneath the building.
American Hammer x 30
Box Cutter x 20
WWII Situp x 20

Head on back via the Greenway with a stop at the soccer field fence for Balls to the Wall (5 count by each PAX) and a mid-trail set of Plank Jacks (x 20) and Jack Webbs (up to 6). As is becoming the Lourdes tradition, sprint the Greenway to the end.

New Years Day Convergence is at Pullen Ball Bearings/Fletcher at 7am. No other workouts.

Some sort of bike event on Jan. 25. Hopefully more details recalled at other workouts since YHC is having trouble remembering.

Also, Box Jump is pretty pumped about some sort of Ninja competition. Contact him if you have a knack for throwing stars and nunchuks (or if you want to develop a knack, I suppose).

COT—YHC took us out with a reminder to think about our blessings in 2014 and our goals in 2015. And to remember that not all share the fortune we do.

As always, an honor and a pleasure to lead.