The “Rink of Running” was part of Spooky’s maiden Q.  Within the Rink, everyone was introduced to Spooky’s love for competitive games with Gloom Ball.
SSH x 30, imperial walkers x 20, arm circles x 11 forward and backward, Merkins x 20.  Turning into a run through the park, stopping for dips x 30 and three sets of pull-ups (x7, x8, x9).
The Thang:
Run to the Roller Hockey Rink where we were split into three teams.  Each team was assigned to start in a face-off circle.  Each circle was designated with one of: squats x 20, sit-ups x 20, burpees x 10, merkins x 20.  Teams completed an exercise and then sprinted (north-south) or bear-crawled (east-west) to the next circle.  Everyone completed two full revolutions in the rink (eight exercises).
Next it was time for Gloom Ball. Two teams were brought to “center ice”.  A bucket of tennis balls was emptied at the far end of each side of the rink.  Buckets were then set at “center ice”.  Teams competed to sprint to retrieve the tennis balls to the buckets.  Rules: 1. Only one ball could be retrieved at a time, 2. Each time a ball was returned to the bucket, the PAX must do merkins x 5 before sprinting for the next ball.  First team to return all balls from their side was the winner and got to stay to challenge the next team.
Team that was not competing in the game of Gloom Ball was performing squats during the competition.
Gloom Ball matches took place six times with the last two matches switching to bear-crawl to find balls with a sprint to return to the bucket – called the Bear-Crawl Bonus Rounds.
Ran to final exercise: plank walk-ups x 10, parker-peters x 20, Rocky Balboas x 25.
Tclaps:  Great day for FNGs as Windex brought a father-son duo and FNG Pedialyte heard about F3 through a Cary friend and posted naked.  He was definitely surprised by our numbers in the freezing temp.  Great to have Lo-Pair kicking butt and have Adolphus up and running.  Announcements for holiday parties in Chapel Hill (Thursday 18th) and Raleigh (22nd), plus discussion of planning meetings for Faith activities (third F).
(posted by Dunphy)