I can’t think of a better way to celebrate turning 40 than a maiden Q and starting the day with 10 PAX at Juggernaut (special thanks to Master Builder for making the long drive up north to show his support for the maiden Q). NO FNGs.

After a quick run to the park entrance and back to the rocks, we circled up for a warm-up: SSH (40), Imperial Walkers (12), Good Mornings (12), Fazio front (20), back (20).

Quick jog up the gravel road to place the lights (one halfway and one at the top). Mumble chatter – ” I know where this is going.”

1st trip up: partner carry to halfway marker, merkins x 12, flapjack to the top. merkins x 12. run down to halfway, merkins x 12, run to bottom, merkins x 12. Plank until PAX finished

2nd trip up:  wheelbarrow to halfway marker, derkins x 12, flapjack to top, derkins x 12, wheelbarrow back down to halfway, derkins x 12, flapjack to bottom, derkins x12. Plank until PAX finish. Putin – Sarkozy – Putin – Sarkozy…. this was much easier on paper. Nice work, men!

3rd trip up: bear crawl to halfway marker, carolina dry docks x 12, bear crawl to top, carolina dry docks x 12, run down to halfway, carolina dry docks x 12, run to bottom, carolina dry docks x12. Plank until PAX finished.

Run to picnic tables. Stop at each speed bump – 5 burpees OYO (10 total). Squat hold until PAX arrive.

Alternating L/R step (24), Prisoner squat pyramid 5-10-15-10-5 with 5 sec hold at each. Line up on the wall for peoples chair 5 count  (x10) – lower 2 inches when done, repeat 5 count (x10).

Run back to rocks. Grab a rock and partner up.

1st set: Partner 1: run to speed bump with rock, 10 burpees, run back; partner 2: curl overhead press. Flapjack. 2nd set: Partner 1: run to speed bump with rock, 10 starjumps with rock (thanks Box Jump), run back; partner 2: curl overhead press. Flapjack.

Run back to parking lot, circle up for Mary: WWII situp (12), Chilcutt Peter Parker (12) – thanks Cold Stone, low slow flutter kick (20), box cutter (15), American hammer (20). Great work by all!

Announcements – RSVP Christmas party – yes or no. Forum may be changing locations from Sola – be on the lookout for new location from Grady or Friar Tuck

Prayer Requests – Snuffleupagus friend battling cancer, Cotton’s cousin battling cancer, Beaver’s dad had a recent health scare. Pray for strength and healing.

Mayhem took us out with grace as he always does.

The human spirit is remarkable. We  can achieve far more than we think. I suggest the following books: “Unbroken” and “Man’s Search for Meaning.”  They’ve given me inspiration and perspective. 5 months ago, I didn’t know F3. 4 months ago, I had my first post (a Maize beatdown). Today, I led the way and rang in 40. I’ve never felt better. Thanks to Kokomo for the F3 invite and thanks to F3 for the push. 40 is the new 30.