Inaugural Q by Franklin this morning in the Gloom.  As he was preparing for his own trip to Finland, he took the Pax on a bit of a trip this morning as well. 16 3/4 pax this morning – great crowd for the A-Team on a cold morning.

Warm Up – Jog around the loop 2+ times, stop around the time the mumblechatter started wondering if we were going to run in circles all morning.  Circle up followed by

Good mornings, Side Straddle Hop, Windmill, Imperial walker, Mountain Climbers – 20x  each

The thang – jog toward the pavilion with a hard right into the woods – wow – is there a path here, jog over to the rails on the bridge and  do double decker merkins, top rail, bottom rail – 20x each, repeat.  Continue jog to the hill.  At the hill, time for the triple nickel – run to the top 5 star jumps, back down, 5 squats, repeat 5x, plank at the bottom.

Mosey up the hill and over to the picnic tables, The Dip, Alternating left/right step ups and Inclined Merkins – 15 of each – repeat 3 times

Jog over to the stairs by the baseball field – split in 2 groups

1st group – hop right foot, run down, hop left foot run down while 2nd group does peoples chair – then switch

1st group – 2 foot hop up, run down, double time up – touch all stairs up, run down; 2nd group – peoples chair – then switch

Karaoke to the bottom of the hill – circle up for some Mary, -dealers choice, Burpees, Rosalitas, 2 others

Backwards run, then regular – back up the hill – circle up for more dealers choice Mary, LBC, some craziness from Michelob, 2 others


Announcements – F3 Christmas party

Prayer requests – Friend of Quarter and Update on McCants neighbor

McCants took us out.

Thanks guys for giving me the opportunity to lead.